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SNL’s “Weekend Update: Summer Edition” came through last night to mock Donald Trump’s shambolic Arizona rally earlier this week, with Kenan Thompson playing the infamous “Blacks for Trump” guy as a token for hire.

With Alec Baldwin returning as Trump, the sketch started with the president in dark sunglasses from having stared at Monday’s solar eclipse with his bare eyes. Removing them, he said: “Wow, everyone is so white here.”

“And look, they found the one black guy at the rally and they sat him right behind me,” he continued, pointing to the Blacks for Trump dude. “Through the eclipse, I can’t tell, are you really black?”

The man replied: “Well that’s what the ad said you was looking for.”

Kenan’s Blacks for Trump dude went on to hold up various signs during the speech that drew laughs, including one that read, “Blacks for Whites.”

Baldwin’s Trump said of the Charlottesville violence, “There was a tragic victim that came out of Charlottesville: Me!”

“I wanted to set the record straight about exactly what I said and I have the transcript right here,” he says, pulling out a piece of paper.

“I moved on her like a b-tch, but I couldn’t get there…” Baldwin’s Trump reads, quickly realizing he’s accidentally holding a transcript of the crude comments he made about women in the leaked 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape.

Watch the entire cold open below:

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