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Music mogul Russell Simmons penned an open letter to President Donald Trump, urging him to change his approach when it comes to handling the country’s most pressing issues, reports the New York Daily News.

In the letter, which was exclusively published by the outlet, Simmons addressed the clash between White supremacists and anti-hate protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia and called out Trump for empowering hate groups by not explicitly condemning their actions.

“The racist, bigoted movements you are feeding now are gaining power by your words, actions and refusal to hold people accountable for the destruction they are causing in your name,” wrote Simmons, according to the outlet. “Tensions are only going to reach more of a crescendo and more blood will be shed. And the people will blame you, and rightfully so.”

Simmons, who once was friends with Trump, took a personal approach to the letter; reflecting on times that they’ve shared in the past as a way to illustrate how much he’s changed since taking office. He also urged him to reflect on the legacy that he will leave behind. “On the road you are on, old friend, the Trump name will come to be regarded in American history as a wannabe dictator who surrounded himself with bigots, white supremacists and money-hungry wolves,” he wrote.

He ended the open letter with a sense of hope, stating that since he is still in office he has the power to bounce back from his shortcomings by condemning racists, mending relationships with other countries, and addressing other issues like climate change. “Scripture tells us the Donald I knew — or an even greater Donald — is still there inside you, sleeping. It is time to wake him the f— up,” wrote Simmons.

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SOURCE: New York Daily News


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