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If an Instagram caption from Stephanie Mills was accurate and not a simple misstatement, Tyler Perry may be secretly married to his longtime girlfriend and baby mama, Gelila Bekele.

In June, Mills shared a photo of herself flanked by the couple. She captioned the pic: “Tyler Perry, his lovely wife, Gelila and I at The Tyler Perry Cast Party in Atlanta GA.”

In 2014, Perry revealed that Gelila, an Ethiopian-born model, had given birth to their first child, a son named Aman.

Bekele relocated to the United States and was signed to Ford Models in 2006. In addition to her runway work, she booked magazine ads for Pantene Pro-V and L’Oreal.

Bekele is also a humanitarian and social activist who makes it her life’s work to provide clean water to those who don’t have access.

(Photo: Tyler Perry Courtesy)

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19 thoughts on “Did Stephanie Mills Accidentally Reveal That Tyler Perry Is Married?

  1. So why they keep this sharrade up. Who.s son
    Is it really..and was.nt she already married
    engaged or active with someone who came forward to say its all a lie….You know money can buy you a ticket to hell….pathetic
    This is so sicking …i hope TMZ looks into this. ?????

  2. And so what if they are married, there is no law that I know of that can keep them from being married unless they are married to someone else and Mr Perry is not going to tiant his reputation with mess for people to have something that will mess things up for him. When a couple has been together for a while people will say your wife or husband even if they are not married

  3. ANN BARNSWELL on said:

    So what if they are married .who cares besides it’s better to marry than to burn in hell’s fire.obviously they’re happy doing whatever they’re doing…so enough…too many haters

  4. SO WHAT if he is married, gossipers?! These are grown-A adults. They can conduct themselves however they want. Stephanie didn’t “out” them. If you’re married, YOU’RE MARRIED. I see her wedding band. They have a right to keep people out of their business.

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