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Congratulations are in order for Tyler Perry and his longtime girlfriend, model and activist Gelila Bekele. reports the couple welcomed their first child, son Aman Tyler Perry, on Sunday, Nov. 30. According to a source, “mom and baby are happy and healthy. Tyler is so excited.”

For those curious about the new arrival’s name, Aman means peace and represents “the true meaning of Thanksgiving and then, of course, the holiday season.”

People goes on to note that Perry is ecstatic over his son’s arrival, despite finding out the sex of his firstborn before he came in to the world. The couple’s family and close friends were the first to receive news of the birth as Perry and Bekele asked them to donate to Charity Water, an organization dedicated to providing clean water to developing countries, in lieu of gifts.

“He’s over the moon,” the source shared with People while referencing Perry’s rocky relationship with his own father.

The entertainment mogul’s reaction echoes his feelings in September upon discovering he will be a father.

“Tyler is thrilled. He and Gelila are so excited,” a source told People at the time. “They’ve got the nursery ready and he’s ready to change diapers.”

“He will make a wonderful father,” a second source added. “You will never find a more loving, patient, honorable or decent man than Tyler Perry. Any child would be blessed to have him as a father.”

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

23 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Welcomes Baby Boy Aman Tyler

  1. If this really is Tyler’s love interest and they go to the trouble to bring a child into the world, then why not get married. I love Tyler Perry and think he is a wonderful talent, but I don’t believe he has had carnal knowledge of this woman. Every movie Tyler has ever made has a “marriage before sex” or married couples theme. How does he go against his own brand and have a baby with a woman without marriage.

    Tyler will be a wonderful father and that baby is a very lucky child, but I think we will see and hear less and less about the mother. Just sayin.

  2. Tekesha on said:

    Congratulation to you both!
    It must gotta be the most wonderful feeling that happened. Wishing you guys all the Best and Merry Christmas to all three!!!

  3. Elois M. Cobbins on said:

    Where is the comment to God and Gelila? Did I miss the Cake? God does Bless Families and Marries. The God Man you are Tyler I can not Believe you miss that part of the relation.

  4. Margie on said:

    Tell Tyler to stop playing, and if he not then congratulate you old sly dog you! lol God bless you all you deserve it.

  5. Audrey W. on said:

    Tyler, What a blessing! May the blessings of our God continue to be upon you and your family!
    You deserve love, peace and happiness! You have such a gentle spirit!

  6. God is so good. What a blessing this young baby boy will be to Tyler and Gelila. Oh, what a wonderful life he will have – so happy for the two of them, but especially for Tyler

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