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Gabrielle Union is the cover star for the September issue of Health magazine, and inside, the 44-year-old beauty talks about how body shaming keeps her motivated to stay in shape.

When asked about her workout regimen, Union credits her trainer for pushing her to stay healthy and fit.

“I work with a trainer for the most part,” she said. “I do know how to train myself, but I’ve realized that if someone’s not waiting for me, I do not feel obligated to get up.”

She continued, “I’m not one of those people, like, ‘I can’t start my day without it.’ Nope. I can actually start my day beautifully, sleeping in, eating some pancakes. But I work out because I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease. Knowing what I can do to prevent that has been a huge thing. And then there’s my job. Knowing that there are people who cannot wait to circle your fat and draw an arrow to it keeps me in the gym.”

Body shaming, which is what all the cool kids are into on social media, also keeps Gabby hitting the gym.

“I learn my lesson from other people,” she said. “So between fearing health issues and fearing ‘Stars, they’re just like us! Look at their cellulite!’—that keeps me in the gym. Then when I get in there, I get competitive and won’t leave. I basically have the Olympics happening in my mind with strangers. They don’t realize we’re competing, but I usually take gold. Mainly because they’ve left.”

Speaking of social media, Union revealed how she has dealt with trolls and online criticism.

“If it kinda strikes a nerve, I need to know who said it,” she said. “I deep dive into their social media. No one who’s ever said anything super negative to me has an amazing life. Once I realized that it’s different than, like, J.Lo saying, ‘Her squat form wasn’t right.’ Because she would know. But you, in your mom’s basement, really?”

Union also jokes about a story she will share in her upcoming book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True,” about people who approach her while she’s out shopping for feminine hygiene products.

“I have a tampon story,” Union said. “I write about how it’s impossible to go buy tampons as a known person because people are like, ‘Oh, super plus, huh? Heavy flow?’ They want to know those intimate details, and what is more intimate than something that literally goes inside my vagina? Whenever I go into a drugstore—flop sweat! Much less, if I have an itch and I need to buy Monistat. When me and D were dating and I was getting my birth control, the pharmacist was like, “When are you guys gonna have kids?” I was like, ‘No time soon,’ waving the packet.”

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9 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Talks Body Shaming, Tampons & Monistat With Health Magazine

  1. leadjustone on said:

    Do we ever need a headline with the words “tampons and Monistat” in it? Really y’all? But, it’s click bait. Got me to read the story. Guess I answered my own question…

  2. I don’t think I’m hating to say that some of her comments in her magazine interview were a bit snobbish…..someone working out in their mother’s basement – – maybe that’s where there budget currently has them. She should remember, she didn’t always have the financial resources she currently has. She talks about body shaming – – that comment alone is talking down to people. It gives the implication that only the words of other “stars” matter.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Interesting S.D., I can see all of that, and I don’t think you’re hatin’, I think it’s just clear observation. And although I don’t hate her, she seems to me to have a little “mean girl” in her and that kinda seeps out at times. She has to deal with a lot of negativity in her industry from fans who think they know everything, so I can see her frustrations, everyone thinks they know what’s best. But her reactions and comments make me think she feels, she has something to prove.

      • Passing Through! on said:

        I agree, she speaks like she has something to prove, she seems to go all out to try and prove that she’s down to earth or something. She could have kept the tampon story. And yes, she is a mean girl she has admitted to that in the past. Maybe Dwyane Wade cheating on and humiliating her with his break baby has humbled her a little.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Yeah the “break baby” is a whole other story that raises my eyebrows. Now I know she’s a baby girl, before anyone gets rude, but the fact that she seems to be excluded in all the photos I see of their family on the internet is not cool. Granted he didn’t want this baby, but she’s here now and his blood. I remember Luda having a “break baby” and that baby is part of his family in a major way, as well she should be. jmtc

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