Roland Martin Talks With Bomani Jones About Colin Kaepernick Still Being Not Signed


Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job. ESPN’s Bomani Jones talks with Roland about it. When asked if Kaepernick not playing can be called black balling, Jones replied, ” it’s kind of hard to argue against it at this point.”

“The protest is the reason why this young man doesn’t have a job”, explains Jones.

The NFL has been very lenient to players especially with incidents that have cause for major concern. There have been so many stories of players who physically abuse their spouses and are still allowed to play. Even some who have been charged with murder and are still allowed to play.

Roland asked Jones if an organization of activists were set up and called for Black people to boycott the NFL would they do it. He replied, “Yes, but the question is whether or not they will follow through. They would consider a boycott of the NFL because of this. ”

Tom asked if we could play the race card in this situation, and Jones retorted, “I feel like they played it first”.

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22 thoughts on “Roland Martin Talks With Bomani Jones About Colin Kaepernick Still Being Not Signed

  1. JayCry on said:

    Not No, But Hell NO!!!!! Election matter, he said it did not matter who won, so now you live by the sword then!!!. “Colin Kaepernick did not vote in last week’s presidential election, saying at the time that it didn’t matter to him who won”

  2. CHRISTINA MADINA on said:


  3. Maria Campbell on said:

    It’s sad that people are more upset about how he protested than what he is protesting. Colin was quiet and respectful not disruptive to the game. Black unarmed are being killed by police. That’s a fact. I am an avid football fan but I am considering boycotting and I want to know which sponsors dont want to support teams that draft him. I am boycotting them too.

    • Marie Talley on said:

      Here is a list of NFL Sponsors. It’s the most current list I can find.
      Barclaycard US
      Campbell’s Soup Company
      Courtyard Marriott
      Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60)
      Extreme Networks
      Hyundai Motor America
      Mars Snackfood
      News America
      Papa John’s
      Procter & Gamble

  4. Jimmy Walker on said:

    it’s a sad day in America when you put money above people lives keep your head up Collins if God is for you no one can defeat you it’s the principle not the money

  5. Jimmy Walker on said:

    Thanks Colin I will not watch football this racism on a brother standing up for me and my people. Love you Colin it’s the principal it’s not about the money For the Love of Money is the root of all evil For the Love of black people that’s the greatest thing on Earth because everybody came from the black woman

  6. Dr. Larry on said:

    Protest all you want, but do it on your company’s time and there are repercussions. Kaperpunk overplayed his hand. I DO NOT support him.

    • Brenda on said:

      Protest because you are tired of the way black folks are treated. Your job should have nothing to do with this. Kapernick is standing up for the injustice black folks suffer daily and we should support him.

  7. Kimberly Hereford on said:

    I am ready to boycott. I am not surprised by the owners’ actions and statements; however, the players themselves are the greater disappointment. They will rush to support and accept each other when criminal acts are perpetrated—but when a man stands up for a moral cause in the manner that the law affords him—they are cowardly silent and in how they distance themselves—as if what he is speaking out against does not occur on the daily.

  8. I am okay with holding space for NFL players to remain neutral on this issue for the immediate future. I am stepping forward to support of a brave young man who is on the right side of history. The players can support from the inside, I suppose, but I have confidence in my personal and collective power to push against injustice until there is lasting change. This ain’t never been the short battle. Forward ever. Backwards never.

  9. Leroy Appling on said:

    It feels like the NFL is giving me no choice, for two reasons the owners have not come out and spoke on this issue. Then they also was playing money before human rights. All the football player was saying to me that African-Americans wasn’t getting the human rights. They refuse to talk about that they want to talk about him nearly and not pledging allegiance to the flag please start talking about why emailed to we get past this. Have the conversation.

  10. americanize on said:

    I been on board,if Colin is not sign I,m not watching.Also I think the players themselves should be more vocal.Slavery didn,t end in 1865,it just evolved.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Without the other players stepping up and saying “I won’t play if he’s not signed” nothing will change. It won’t make one bit of difference if I don’t watch this year, I rarely watch period so it won’t help the cause. The only things that matter to the NFL is money.

      • Brenda on said:

        That’s the problem……..we don’t believe in our power but know thus we matter to their bottom line but if we don’t stand together it won’t matter. Stand for him even if you are the only one who does so and you will soon learn that you are not alone.

  11. I don’t see any NFL team stepping up to the plate and signing Colin to a quarterback position.
    The NFL is all about $$$$$-they could care less about “Social Justice.”

    They tolerate wife beaters rather than folks who are brave enuff to take a stand for what they
    believe in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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