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Here’s some good stuff for ya. One of Donald Trump’s most feared critics, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters stopped by “The View” this morning and before she left, church broke out!

Well, before that happened, she had what’s being described as a fiery roundtable discussion about White House leaks, impeaching Donald Trump, and more. Of course, why else would she be there? After all she is Maxine Waters.

Well, we’re glad you asked because Madame Waters was also surprised by singer Mykal Kilgore, the guy who’s responsible for the viral gospel version of Water’s “reclaiming my time” comments.

Check out the congresswoman being “set up” and surprised by Kilgore’s live appearance on the show while leading the audience in a festive ‘reclaiming my time’ sing-a-long.

>Well, before things got happy on the show, Waters had been letting known her thoughts on a Trump impeachment. Not only that, Waters is already looking into the post-President Trump future and directing her ire at the man who would fill the void in the Oval Office – Mike Pence.

Host Joy Behar asked, “Do you think Pence will be better than Trump?”

“No, and when we finish with Trump we have to go and get Putin,” Waters responded without hesitation.

(Yes, she clarified that she meant Pence.)

While she has cited reasons for why she believes Trump must be impeached, so far she hasn’t exactly stated what her problem is with VP Pence.


If you missed our initial report on the how the “Reclaiming My Time” remix came to be, here it is again:

Rep. Maxine Waters has stirred the musical creativity of several musicians who were inspired by her steadfast response last week to Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin during a committee hearing.

When Mnuchin tried to talk around her question about Russian influence, the California congresswoman and ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee cut him off by repeating “reclaiming my time.”

She had to “reclaim her time” several times with Mnuchin, each time more sternly than the last:

Needless to say, the video went viral, which led to the inevitable birth of music mixes.


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2 thoughts on “Maxine Waters Surprised By ‘Reclaiming My Time’ Singer On ‘The View’

  1. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Maxine quit wasting your constituents time on trivial stuff. Everybody is worn out who would that Donald Trump and the Russia deal and Latimer Putin. We black folks need to take care of ourselves first. You can sit choose in south-central a like any other constituents in black neighborhoods all across the u.s. needs their representative to advocate for them and get some money to get some business going and get a network in mechanism so that we can flourish in the business world and gain our financial and dependence that is the key to gain full freedom and respect in society. All this other stuff you traveling on shows and making the clown of yourself doesn’t impress me. Democrats Republicans all manage controlled by white people. You in the Democrat Party you’re being used to do the White man Business. It is time for you to retire you had your time you’re all in your seventies and you’ve been there too long. What we need is young black men and women that I concern about generating economical and dependence for black folks. We are still slaves. It has been going on for 235 years after the Emancipation Act. The only difference now I seen you can talk on TV and say what you want you can live in Caucasian neighborhood you can get elected for office but however brothers are getting shot thrown in jail on the boat parties from Bill Clinton with 100,000 cops true over 1 million African Americans in jail and that system has never been reversed. So memo Kratts Republicans who gives a s*** f*** them all and f*** Whitey and Maxine if you can help us get out of the way

    • Joe Gonzales on said:

      I meant Democrats and Republicans have been lying to us promising us that we were going to get things done in our favor. Under President Bill Clinton over 1 million African Americans were thrown in jail. It was the Congressional Black Caucus with Bill Clinton who agreed to hire a hundred thousand cops in order to stabilize what they called criminal activities in underserved black communities. Maxine Waters and haul her folks back Bill Clinton and as a result we are here. I do not trust Maxine water I do not trust Donald Trump I do not trust Republicans I do not trust Democrats what we need to do is we need to establish our own economic independence as black people. We need to circulate black dollars at least three times to four times in our community in order to create wealth

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