Moms Don’t Play According To Halle Berry In Her New Movie ‘Kidnap’


Kidnap starring Halle Berry comes out tomorrow Friday, August 4. She talks with the TJMS crew about the strong role of a mother in this film. Halle says, “mothers don’t play” and that it’s good to have mothers playing this role more since we’re all so used to seeing men in the saving roles.

When asked if she would have played this role 10 years ago she replied, “I could have but I probably would have done it differently knowing what I know now after being a mother”.

Halle got in on the Black Moms Matter conversation and talked about what do you do to make sure your kids aren’t spoiled. She said, “I have real serious talks in our home. It’s about having them work for their things.”

You often wonder what the children of celebrities think about their parents or if they know about their career. Halle’s daughter hasn’t really realized who her mom is career wise. She said, “I think it’s a good thing. She doesn’t really experience me that way.”

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One thought on “Moms Don’t Play According To Halle Berry In Her New Movie ‘Kidnap’

  1. From the tv promos-Kidnap with Halle Berry looks like it may be a good movie.
    I know if someone took my child, I would go ape and do everything in my power
    to get my child back un-harmed and make the person who took him or her wish
    they never even thought of kidnapping.

    That person would be begging me to call 911 by the time I got through with them!!!!!!!

    The last film that I saw and liked Ms. Berry in was Die Another Day.
    She did not need to make that crazy flick “Monsters Ball.”

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