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07/28/17- Sybil Wilkes was shaken up when she saw this movie. It made her so emotional that she couldn’t even talk afterwards.

One of the characters from the movie Detroit,  played by Algee Smith, is an 18-year-old singer with dreams of making it big when he’s caught in the Algiers Motel incident. .

The film takes place during the Detroit Riots in 1967, when the country was experiencing events like today. The film directed by Kathyrn Bigelow is riveting and helps show multiple perspectives from the singers involved to the cops.

The conversation of police brutality needs to happen, especially in light of what’s happening in the nation today. This film has the potential to send a message to the country on how we continue to think about police brutality in hopes of making a stronger nation.

Detroit opens in select major cities today, and everywhere next Friday, August 4th.

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