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Wonder Woman is one of DC Comics’ most popular characters, and the Hollywood version of the super-heroine, starring Gal Gadot, is currently packing theaters worldwide,. In the comics, Wonder Woman met a formidable foe, Nubia, who many consider to be the Black Wonder Woman.

Nubia first appeared in the comics in 1973. Before her race was revealed, Nubia was dressed in silver armor and bested Princess Diana in combat. Right before striking a blow, Nubia revealed herself the Wonder Woman of Floating Island, a land she ruled that was populated only by men. Nubia and Princess Diana were supposed to clash for the right to the title but DC reduced Nubia’s role dramatically.

In the comic book world, multiple universes and events “restart” timelines, thus a different version of the character, Nu’Bia, was born in 1999. Like Diana, Nu’Bia was a Themyscirian Amazon and won the same “Tournament of Grace and Wonder” that Wonder Woman did as Amazon’s first champion. She made scattered appearances in the early 2000s, and also appeared in an alternate universe where a Black Superman was also the president of the United States.

The ’70’s hit TV series, Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter, was close to featuring a Black character some say might have been linked to Nubia. The late Teresa Graves, the actress who starred in Get Christie Love! and the first Black actress with her own TV series, was set to play Diana’s Black sister on the show. When the series switched from ABC to CBS, the network decided not to run the story line.

In yet another slice of the DC Comics universe, Nubia is a member of the Justice League just as Wonder Woman is.

Bumblebee is considered by most to be DC Comics first Black female superhero, appearing in 1976 for the first time. As Nubia was mainly a supporting character and not a main fixture, the distinction has remained as such in some comic book circles.

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