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There have been a slew of burglaries in the L.A. area this year, and now A$AP Rocky‘s home has just been added to the list.

NBC4 LA reports that an unnamed woman was held at gunpoint while the rapper’s Beverly Grove home was being robbed. The Los Angeles Police Department reports that three men were seen knocking on the door of Rocky’s home. When a woman answered, they pulled a gun on her and forced their way into the house.

The men reportedly grabbed the woman and took her around the house while they scooped up about $1.5 million in jewelry and other property. Police say that the robbers were in the process of removing property from Rocky’s home when neighbors scared them off. They also took a safe, but left it on the sidewalk before running to their getaway car.

Rocky wasn’t home at the time, but sources say this wasn’t just some random hit — the suspects specifically targeted the rapper. The unidentified woman is related to A$AP and was left unharmed.

Just hours before the burglary, the rapper posted a video of one of his friends dropping money in a bill counter. Maybe that tipped the robbers off?

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One thought on “A$AP Rocky’s L.A. Mansion Robbed Of Over $1 Million In Jewelry

  1. M. Jones on said:

    I’m over here WEAK!!! That’s what you get for High Signing!!! As the infamous Jay-Z says and I quote “BUBBLE QUIETLY”. Let that be a lesson!!

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