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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bill Cosby says he doesn’t expect to testify at his Pennsylvania sexual assault trial.

The comedian spoke to Sirius radio host Michael Smerconish in an interview being broadcast Tuesday.

Smerconish says he agreed to air an uncut, 82-minute conversation between Cosby and his daughters in exchange for the interview.

Cosby says his lawyers won’t let him speak about the criminal case. But he says he has “never, never” lost the support of his wife.

Daughter Ensa Cosby says she believes “racism has played a role” in the accusations against her father.

Bill Cosby replies, “It could be.”

Cosby says his health is generally good, but glaucoma has left him legally blind.

Cosby says he isn’t trying to influence jurors, who will be selected next week for the June 5 trial.

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(Photo: AP)

23 thoughts on “Cosby Says He Doesn’t Expect To Testify At Sex Assault Trial

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Stupid, GZ admitted to murder dummy. We didn’t need a trial to say he was guilty, the world already knew he was. The fake ass trial was just to appease the many folks who thought (rightfully so) that he should serve time in prison for MURDER ONE.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Georgie lawfully defended himself from a thug slamming his head into a concrete walk. Multiple witnesses and the crime scene proved this beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • RENO2AC on said:

        You act as though he followed Georgie and attacked him “out of the blue.”

      • Sarah on said:

        And how did that kid managed to get George a man who was in a TRUCK with a GUN and who was told to stay away? George got out of that TRUCK and tried to be cop and that CHILD did no know that STRANGER (George) was walking up on him and we know George insulted this kid even by the way he behaves now including INSULTING A COP before the incident. Trayvon hit the THUG George and got the best of him and George shot him. If George was in any other state, George would be in prison. George walked due to the mess up laws in Floridia that many want changed. He was guilty.

      • Sarah on said:

        Also Larry, I NEVER heard of anyone (An ADULT) with a GUN becomes AFRAID of someone (in this case a TEEN) who is UNARMED. If anything, I know COWARDS who became BRAVE when they get a gun in their hands. Look at a lot of gang members, robbers, bullies, etc.

    • specialt757 on said:

      It’s not defending when you start the fight from the beginning. Now when you’re getting your ass whipped by a teenager, you pull your gun. He’s a coward ass bitch who should be in jail for murder. Trayvon was the only innocent in that scenario, he was minding his own business.

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    Yeah, 50 women who don’t know each other, randomly conspired to railroad Cosby. RIGHT. An innocent man takes the stand. Cosby won’t

    • Sarah on said:

      Wrong. Burden of proof lies with the one who is accusing so bring your evidence. They are the ones saying “something happen” so bring the PROOF. I do not know what the truth is but I will say someone is guilty either. people need to stop acting like they know the truth as well. 50 women? That proves nothing in this case due to the fact the accused is FAMOUS and there is money to be made off of him as well. it is not like he is UNKNOWN. This is why I say, ” Wait for the trial” , NOT public view. the public knows NOTHING.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Sarah, did you give the same courtesy to George Zimmerman prior to his trial? No, you didn’t sista. You know what that’s called? A hypocrite.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        He has been to court once and things didn’t turn out so good:

        Bill Cosby said in sworn testimony a decade ago he had paid women after sex to keep the affairs from his wife and suggested he was skilled at understanding nonverbal clues for sexual consent and called an accuser a liar.
        The New York Times reported the revelations Saturday after obtaining a copy of a transcript from a deposition Cosby gave in lawsuit filed by a former employee of Temple University who alleges he drugged and molester her.
        The Associated Press obtained excerpts from a deposition last month that revealed Cosby admitted he procured Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with. The case was settled on confidential terms.

      • Sarah on said:

        There was no need. First of all, that was a MURDER case (someone DIED, that is a FACT that something happen. This is a he said/they said and it involves a famous well know person with money who can be used or he used people which needs to be proven). Also, if you look at Zimmerman actions in a MURDER Case, Zimmerman was given better treatment to have MURDERED someone. People who murder are ARRESTED and then tried to see if it was self defense. Also, having a TRUCK and GUN and being an ADULT shooting a UNARMED TEEN, who was minding his own business and whom a operator TOLD you to stay away and looking at Zimmerman TRACK RECORD, that say it all. HE was guilty.

      • Sarah on said:

        However, way it maybe, I want to see how it comes out in TRIAL, NOT public opinion. I do not care how many news papers, you read or what the press said, Until it goes to TRIAL and we can hear EVERYTHING being done UNDER OATH, WE do not know NOTHING. Let me tell you, many times, things is not always what they seem and I know things be look one way but be another way on BOTH sides. Look at how some defendants admit they are guilty under pressure but when it goes to court, we find out the defendant did NOT do it and the DNA comes out and prove the defendant did NOT do it and it was due to the pressure of some investigator to make them admit. So again, do NOT act like you know because you pick up a paper. Settlements proves nothings because people settle for different reasons as well.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Your hero, the orange fool-in-chief had a sexual assault trial pending in Dec 2016? What ever happened to that? Since he’s already admitted to being a sexual predator do you think he should be president of the U.S.?

  3. specialt757 on said:

    They really should just dismiss this case. How in the hell do we let a self-proclaimed sexual predator become president of the U.S. but convict this man in the court of public opinion and he loses his livelihood? His contributions to the black community is substantial and there is no denying it, even if you don’t like him. There was a section at the NAAHC of black TV and comedians, guess whose achievements and accomplishments were on display? What kind of foolishness is that? They had displays of the KKK and Jim Crow laws and tortured and hanged black folks, but not one display of Dr. Cosby’s credits? GTFOH, I’m pissed!

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      You are confusing integrity of a TV character with integrity of the real person. This is what happens when somebody watches so much TV, like RHOA, that they are unable to parse out what is real anymore. Let me help, Dr. Huxtable wasn’t real, Dope her and Grope her was.

      • specialt757 on said:

        @Dr. Hairhat
        Unlike you fool, I can distinguish fact from fiction. But these 50 women who believe they were raped or preyed upon 20, 30, 40, 50 years later had “help” in believing it were true. These ladies could have spoken up when it happened but did not. It wasn’t until he was ready to become a major player in the entertainment world did 99% of these allegations surface. Who allows a married man to pay her way through college, sleep with him and years later claim he sexually assaulted her? What road whore sleeps with every man on the circuit for free, no strings attached, except for when it’s Bill Cosby? GTFOH.

        Oh and it’s mighty funny you defend these 50 women because most of them are WHITE, if they were black you would hear the sounds of crickets coming from your ignorant ass fat lips.

  4. Cosby needs to get on the witness stand and defend himself instead of allowing his attorneys to speak for him.

    How else will the public and the jurors know both sides of his case.
    As it now stands, it is just Mr. Cosby’s word against all of those women!!!!!!!!

    Of course, race played a role in what has and is now happening to Mr. Cosby.
    He has been pronounced “GUILTY” even before his trial begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is the so called Justice in this country for men of color!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah on said:

      I think he needs to take the stand as well due to the deposition that is going to be allowed in. He did give women the pills as he admitted in in the deposition. That can go two ways, he must PROVEN it was consent to do the drugs or it can show he was giving these women drugs without them knowing. The “cross examine” on everyone bring out the real truth.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Admitting to providing drugs to women is not the same as drugging them. We all see what happened when he gave the first deposition, it didn’t look go well for him. I can’t call it one way or the other whether he should take the stand or not, but it’s not going to look good for him either way.

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