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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A video showing a man stopping a fight between two teenagers in New Jersey and refusing to leave until the boys shake hands has drawn millions of views and heaps of praise for his intervention.

The video has been viewed more than 20 million times since being posted on Facebook on Monday.

The clip starts with a fistfight in Atlantic City between two boys as other youths record it on their phones. Ibn Ali Miller then walks up, gets between the two and tells the onlookers that they’re cowards for recording the scuffle.

“Look, they laughing. Look,” Miller says while gesturing to the gathered crowd. “He’s got a big smile on his face. … He’s supposed to be your man.”

The stranger then tells the teens they are “almost men” and need to start acting like it.

“Y’all got parents. Don’t make your parents look like this,” he said.

After learning from the teen combatants that they had no idea why they started fighting, the man refused to leave until they both shook hands.

“It’s a great thing to have the youth listen like that” Miller told the Press of Atlantic City. “That doesn’t always happen. Those young men impressed me”.

Miller said that he was running an errand for his mother while on a break from a class when he came across the fight.

“That scene that went down, that happens a lot in Atlantic City, and these kids are too young,” Miller told the newspaper, adding that it’s not the first fight he’s broken up and probably won’t be the last. “You can’t pick that ‘today, I’m gonna stop some kids from fighting’, but God does what he wills.”

The video drew a retweet from Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, who saluted the man “who stepped in and spoke real to our young generation.”

“To me the fact that LeBron and others have seen it … it’s cool, I’d be more excited when I was a younger man,” Miller told the newspaper, adding that his family isn’t on social media because of all of the negativity. “But I want people to take away from it to pay it forward. That’s it”.

Watch the video below:


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14 thoughts on “N.J. Man Goes Viral After Stopping Teenage Fistfight

  1. Yes I too wonder where are the men. Where are the fathers? So many of our men are missing in the family wheather it be the father, uncle, or brother. These young men need support, direction and guidance. When their only example of what a man’s role in life is that of a man walking out on them, we can only expect that they to will be missing in action. So stand up brothers, stand by your families, work and raise your kids if even from afar.

  2. Alise on said:

    We need more men like him stepping up in our communities, things were be much better. Please keep up the good work Mr. Miller

  3. Timothy Jones on said:

    Powerful move brother. I pray that god continue to bless you. We need more brothers like this in our neighborhoods and community. We can fix our problems ourselves instead of begging for help and handouts. Peace

  4. This video should be shown in every classroom, church service and and counsel meeting. Hell, it should be made into a damn commercial. Kudos to this man, who cared enough to stop and try to school these young people instead of just walking by, and going on the web and criticizing them as thugs. And the good part is that, even though the others standing on the sidelines laughing and making jokes were listening. Love him.

  5. Wonderful act of courage and compassion. Lucky he didn’t get shot: in Chicago and here in Sin City (aka Las Vegas) the kids will just shoot you on the bus or if you try to break up a fight or just say the wrong thing. Read the newspapers and you’ll “hear all about it.” It’s getting like the Wild Wild West out here in Vegas this year…..

  6. truth on said:

    I stopped numerous fights, one kid I said look at you dressed from head to toe you got somebody who expects greatness from you and is investing inyou and I made him and my NEPHEW apologize to each other in front of all their boys, who were laughing too. They all cool now.

  7. Andrea on said:

    Thank you for being a MAN and stepping in to school our youth. Another REAL MAN steps up and stands up.Thank you brother.

  8. americanize on said:

    Kudos to brother Ibn Ali Miller that fight could have gotten way out of hand.Thats an example of what we have to do as a group of people,start taking care of ourselves an our communitys,because were all we got black folks have no friends.

  9. You’re right Deanne & Diane, meet one, teach one, it still does take a village. We need more men to step in when they see young boys going in the wrong direction, you never know how someone will receive what you have to say.
    SN: I’m just glad these young men/boys understand what he was saying, I was having a hard time lol.

  10. I’m glad they at least listened to the man. Now hopefully they will pick up a book, instead of their fist. Better yet go find a job. Our young blk men/ boys need to do better. If they knw better, hopefully they will do better.

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