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Trust wasn’t at the center of the relationship for one Arizona couple.

This past Saturday night, Delia Flores was arrested for shooting her boyfriend several times, including in the genitals, when she suspected him of cheating. She called 911 after the shooting, originally withholding information on how he got shot. When police arrived, she eventually confessed that she was her boyfriend’s assailant.

They had been dating for two years and had been living together for a year, according to police reports. The victim was rushed to the hospital and was able to survive the shooting. However, he was left with two gunshot wounds in his neck, one gunshot wound to his upper back, one gunshot wound to the left thigh, two gunshot wounds in his scrotum and one gunshot wound to the penis. He denied the allegations of having an affair.

Do you believe the boyfriend? Whether he was telling the truth or not, relationship counseling is better than a gun. Delia Flores is now charged with attempted first-degree murder.

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