2/23/17-Kym Whitley and Sherri Shepherd weigh in on Keshia Knight-Pulliam’s recent court drama with ex-husband Ed Hartwell. Should women lie if it’s in their favor?

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5 thoughts on “Black Moms Matter: Should Women Lie To Get Child Support?

  1. They do it all the time. Child support is the worst court in the world. It allows women to knowingly commit perjury with no consequences for lying. Disgusting.

  2. Women should never lie about the paternity of their child in order to receive $$$.

    Men of color don’t want to step up to the plate as it is to even take care of a child proven to be theirs!!!!!

    How about this ladies–just use some damn BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!
    Take responsibility for your own bodies!!!!!!!!

  3. Timekeeper on said:

    Hhmmm…..let me see. Should women lie to get child support. The very fact that this is even a question is totally disgusting in itself. Mercy.

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