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2/20/17- Roland Martin talks to Monique Pressley about the lawsuit against Marilyn Mosby by the Baltimore officers that were linked to the death of the Freddie Gray.

“What they are saying in this civil lawsuit is that her filing…they were defamed, it was malicious. This is a chilling effect for the one Prosecutor out of how many? And because she did so so boldly, they’re trying to sit her down and say, oh no you don’t.”

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7 thoughts on “The Case Against Marilyn Mosby Reaches New Levels

  1. Mary on said:

    Any lawyer who insures rioter to riot on national tv, telling them no justice no piece. Needs to be removed from her office. She can’t be fair . She was just trying to advance her career.

    • Marilyn on said:

      The prosecutor was doing her job. A man died at he hands of the police, and unlike most prosecutors, she did not swwep it under the rug, ignore or hide evidence, or smear the victim. I think she was more than fair, she was courageous. Sometimes there’s a price to pay for courage. It certainly would have been better for her politically not to have brought the indictments. Obviously, to the police who are making this a case against Ms. Mosby, black lives don’t matter much.

      • Mosby was the exact opposite or courageous. The thought of a hoard of negroes going on a rampage throughout the city scared the chittlins’ out of her. Fear is what drove her, not courage.

  2. Tim green on said:

    Their complaint against her is valid, she made the indictments look personal instead of maintaining the appearance of objectivity, as her job entails her to do … If she would have just stated that they were being indicted, what the charges were then shut her mouth & let the legal process go about resolving everything she wouldnt be in the position she’s in now, but she wanted attention & limelight … the legal system is not based on innocents or guilt its based on whom you can convince

  3. Marilyn on said:

    This prosecutor was doing her job. If she had not filed the indictments there would have been an uproar. She did the right thing. She had to let the process take its course. There is never a guarantee of a guilty verdict. I don’t understand this lawsuit. The officers defamed themselves when they caused an innocent man’s death. The black community should speak out in her behalf. These officers get to cause a man’ s death and then get to sue? They may get paid for causing a death. Unbelievable!

    • If the criminal cases proved nothing else, they proved that there’s no way to know whether the police caused Freddie’s death or whether Freddie caused Freddie’s death. Mosby exceeded her authority by personally investigating the crime while ignoring the police investigation. This is why she can be held accountable for defamation. The plaintiffs (3 of 5 which are black, the 6th officer has not joined the lawsuit) allege that Mosby withheld and ignored evidence to craft a narrative of her choosing rather than letting evidence and facts drive the case.

      The bottom line is that Mosby did not do her job, she did not do the right thing, and there’s strong reason to believe that she was opportunistically using the events in Baltimore to propel her personal career. Hopefully you better understand the situation now, Marilyn.

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