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What happens when two exes confront each other about cheating? The Scene explores the situation in a six minute video where a woman named Kourtney was cheated on multiple times. In a cringing, girl-what-are-you-doing kind of feeling, the two discussed what went wrong.

Watch the emotional exchange below.

Here’s how social media reacted.


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(Photo Source: Facebook ‘The Scene’)

10 thoughts on “#HurtBae: Social Media Erupts After Girlfriend Confronts Cheating Ex

  1. Her biggest mistake is to remain friends with this ex. She must close the chapter on him and cut all ties with him. She should not remain friends with someone like him who cheated and used her. She will stay stuck if she continues to have him in her life in any way and she will never allow the right man to enter into her life. Shut the door on past relationships that caused you pain, renew your mind and open yourself to greater men. They are out there.

  2. Ms. V Force on said:

    I think it was great that the young man took responsibility and stayed and talked through everything with her. I just hate that it took him so long, or that he got in a relationship at all, because clearly he is not ready for a real relationship. But I really was glad to see him face it like a man, and not try to blame and deflect onto her. This surely helps for some closure for her.

  3. leadjustone on said:

    Cute couple (or ex couple). Why oh why do women ask cheaters for all of the gory details of the cheating…who was she, how many times, what exactly did you do? All you have to do is look at her face to see how much pain this has caused. Might as well ask him to stab you in the heart. He cheated.That’s all you need to know. Who knows? Maybe they will get back together in 10 years, get married, and have kids. They would definitely make some beautiful babies!

  4. Every mother wishes their daughter or son would never experience this type of pain. But it happens unfortunately! I would tell my daughter – yes it hurts and will for a little while. But truly it is his loss and thank God he got out of the way for the man you are meant to be with who will treat you with respect and won’t hurt you this way. Yes, in all relationships there are ups and downs and one party or another will be hurt – but its what you do with that hurt and after that makes the difference. I’m 30 yrs plus married and it takes work and commitment on both parts! You just have to have that partner who loves you (in a good way) more than he/she loves himself!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I can’t be mad at dude because he is only doing what he’s allowed to do, he has no commitment and he doesn’t value himself. Who ever wants to give him the poo thang, he’s willing. IMO his self-worth well….is worthless. He doesn’t see himself as a good man or person and frankly I don’t either. Maybe there is a lesson in here for him as well. I hope they both learn it before making or finding their way through life.
    SN: Not sure if they are actors but this felt real and I know it’s happening everyday.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    After only watching about 2 mins I was really disgusted but more sad. Because I think every young woman has been through something similar (all ages actually). I can’t help feeling bad for her BUT, I also think this is a very, very VALUABLE lesson here. It will be up to her to figure out what it is and grow from it.

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