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Has the New Edition biopic got you all in your 90’s feelings about the group? Well if the stellar ratings for the three-part BET miniseries are any indication, people are interested in everything NE these days. Fortunately for their biggest fans, a few new throwback clips have surfaced.

If you remember from the biopic it ends on a high note – with the then estranged group reuniting at Ronnie DeVoe’s 2006 wedding to Blaque member Shamari Frears.

As you saw from the biopic, the guys got together for the wedding after tensions had all but broken up the group. And the wedding looked like a good time but now that the real-life clips have surfaced, you can see for yourself.

Bobby (he really did wear a white suit!) sings ‘Don’t Be Cruel.”

Ralph Tresvant sings “Sensitivity,” with help from the group.

You can see at least one pic from the wedding HERE.

BONUS: Full New Edition performance from BET’s 25th Anniversary

And oh, by the way, when will Ronnie DeVoe ever age?

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6 thoughts on “NE Throwback: Ronnie DeVoe’s LIT Wedding Clips

  1. Where did they get that 3 light silver lamp that was placed in the corner when the group came to see Ronnie before the wedding???

  2. In the movie, the 2006 wedding was the catalyst for them performing at the 2005 BET awards. Looks like it may have been the other way around.

  3. I just want to ask Ricky B was that scene true, when he was at the table with his girl and found out they had to move out of their house and asked her if she knew anyone with a truck and they gonna need some boxes too and to pack her s**t, whoa that was hilarious lol.

    Good bio film, found out things I had no idea. Oh and why did all of them need separate tour buses when they asses were broke as hell? Justa frontin’ LOL!

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