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kamiyah-mobleyssThe story of Alexis Manigo, born Kamiyah Mobley, has riveted the nation almost as much as the upcoming Trump presidency. Manigo, 18, kidnapped from her parents in Florida as a newborn, was raised in South Carolina. While the mother who raised her, Gloria Williams, is in jail, and the mother who birthed her, Shanara Mobley has yet to make a public statement. Mobley’s biological father, Craig Aiken, has expressed his gratitude that his daughter was found.

Today, Manigo told Good Morning America how she felt about the abduction and her mother’s imprisonment.

“She loved me for 18 years. She raised me for 18 years,”  she said. “I will always love her.”

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7 thoughts on “Abducted Teen Says She’ll Always Love Mother Who Raised Her

  1. specialt757 on said:

    How come there are two different headlines for this story? 1ST- “…Says She’ll Always Love Her Birth Mother” and 2ND “…Says She’ll Always Love Mother Who Raised Her”

  2. People can understand that on her part; HOWEVER, this woman who STOLE this girl MUST pay of it and the bio mother and father should let her get the worst punishment. This woman cheated these parents out of this experience with their kid.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Right, she should have to pay for her crimes. But won’t I further don’t understand Amber is, how long did the kidnapper think she could conceal this girl’s true identity? Eventually, as it happened, she would one day need her birth certificate and a SSN in order to start her professional life. What exactly did she use for records to enroll her in primary schools? The mind of the devious never cease to amaze me.

  3. I wonder why her birth mother has not come forward, I know she doesn’t have to, but her grandmother and bio father made appearances. Just kind of weird that a birth mother wouldn’t be elated that her daughter was found alive and well after 18 years, and maybe she is, just weird that’s all.

    • Sonya E on said:

      Maybe she’s a private person or maybe she doesn’t want to alienate her daughter by answering questions about the woman who did this. If it were me, my concern would be my daughter and not feeding other peoples curiosity.

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