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Truth be told, Kamiyah Mobley would still like to see Gloria Williams, the woman who kidnapped her hours after she was born in 1998 and raised her until 2017 when Kamiyah was found. Williams was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2018 for her actions. “I do,” she told Robin Roberts during a recent […]


A judge gave Gloria Williams 18 years for kidnapping a newborn back in 1998.

Kamiyah Mobley’s saga goes on as her ‘mother’ has now entered a ‘Not Guilty’ plea in a Florida court. Mobley, born Alexis Manigo was abducted from her teenage mother’s hospital 18 years ago. The kidnapper, Gloria Mobley was arrested last month on child abduction charges. It’s believed that Kamiyah herself initiated the discovery after confronting […]

The story of Alexis Manigo, born Kamiyah Mobley, has riveted the nation almost as much as the upcoming Trump presidency. Manigo, 18, kidnapped from her parents in Florida as a newborn, was raised in South Carolina. While the mother who raised her, Gloria Williams, is in jail, and the mother who birthed her, Shanara Mobley […]

There are many questions still to be answered about Kamiyah Mobley, who has been living for 18 years as Alexis Manigo. The story, which has made headlines around the world, is that Mobley/Manigo’s ‘mother’ Gloria Williams, abducted her from a Jacksonville, Florida hospital as a newborn and raised her in South Carolina. Mobley/Manigo has yet […]

Up until last Friday, 19-year-old Alexis Manigo was a normal high school graduate looking ahead to the future. This week, she’s an international news story. Manigo found out that she’s actually Kamiyah Mobley, kidnapped at birth in Jacksonville, Florida and raised by the only woman she knows as a mother, Gloria Williams of South Carolina. […]


Now THIS is a super interesting story that’s tailor made for a book and a Hollywood production. 18-year-old Kamiyah Mobley has been missing since she was a newborn snatched from her birth mother Shanara Mobley’s arms at the University Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, in July 1998. The woman who abducted Kamiyah was dressed as […]