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Over a week after sending out what many believe was an insensitive tweet after the death of Debbie Reynolds, D.L. Hughley addressed the controversy on his nationally syndicated radio show. He explained:

Listen, you all can sign up for the world where everybody is politically correct and everybody says the right thing. I didn’t sign that slip. I’m who I am. I don’t make excuses for telling jokes and I don’t explain them to people. I understand you may or may not be offended. If you’re name ain’t Reynolds we really don’t have anything to talk about anyway….anyway. But, I think that this era…where everybody…I think it’s one of the reasons Donald Trump got elected because people are tired of pretending like they feel a way that they don’t. Now, I have always been this way. This has not been new. Whether this is Don Imus saying the Rutgers thing whether it was Caitlyn Jenner, this is who I am. I don’t make excuses for it. Obviously freedom of speech is not free of consequences. If one of my jokes lands me in hot water which it has then I have to live with that. But you’re not going to get an apology from me. 

Click on the audio player below to hear more in this exclusive clip from The D.L. Hughley Show.

(Photo Credit: Left: Rance Elgin; Right: PR Photos)


3 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley On Debbie Reynolds Controversy: ‘I Will Never Apologize For Telling A Joke’

  1. African American Woman on said:

    DL Hughley isn’t and was never funny, but this goes beyond trifling and ignorant…you don’t know what Ms. Reynolds went through when she learned that her daughter died…you don’t know how hard the grief must have hit her. You’re an insenstive a-hole and I pray that you disappear real soon. I’m a black mom and I’d rather die than to live with the agony of losing one of my children…

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