If you peeped Kanye's latest Instagram rant from today, you already know D.L. was ready to come back with a few choice words of his own!

D.L. gives us little note from the GED Section as per usual, this time using the recent controversies surrounding Jon Gruden and Ashlee Marie Preston to make an important note about accountability.

D.L. had some things to get off his chest in regards to Florida's rising cases of COVID, even using Botswana as an example to compare the difference between suffering through the pandemic due to lack of resources versus suffering based off lack of logical reasoning.

D.L. says that is is “amazing,” to see how Americans are coming together during this pandemic. Now, the United States is leading the world in confirmed number of coronavirus cases. So, he sarcastically says that Trump kept his promise and made America number 1. Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has been taking the national […]

D.L. does not believe that he knows more than anyone else, but what he does know is that the leaders of the country agreed to spend $2 trillion to keep the economy going. He also knows that that amount of money has never been spent before in the history of the country. So, he says […]

The congress passed a $2 Trillion coronavirus stimulus package. Here’s what that means, anyone making less than $75,000 a year will receive a $1,200 payment and those who make $100,000 or more will get nothing. D.L. finds that funny that the millionaires and big companies will get bailouts, but the middle class get nothing. Wouldn’t […]

There have been three impeachments ever in the history of this country, and this is the very first time that the senate decided not to have witnesses. What are they hiding? D.L. says they declined to have witnesses because their case is falling apart. Trump is “clearly guilty” D.L. says, adding that he is the […]

Miss World, Miss Teen World, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe are all Black women. And while D.L. is happy about this, a comment that he saw on his Facebook page made him “so sad.” He says he saw a comment that said, “finally Black women are the standard of beauty.” But, he says that […]

Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations for the Trump administration and governor South Carolina, said in an interview that the confederate flag was and is not about racism. She claimed that when Dylan Roof walked into the church and killed 9 people he “hijacked the confederate flag” and made it evil. But, D.L. […]

Kanye West has said that one day he will be the President. And based on who’s sitting at the White House now, DL doesn’t think he’s too far off. Trump and Ye have a lot in common if you think about it. They’re both self proclaimed geniuses, they both make white supremacists feel good, and […]

Journalist Jason Whitlock has been voicing his opinions about LeBron James and saying things like he’s using his son’s basketball game to bring more attention to himself. D.L. says that’s ridiculous. James is the most famous athlete in the world so D.L has a hard time believing that he’s after attention. Black fathers are too […]