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1/2/17- Roland Martin talks to Chicago Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell about the violence in Chicago and the newest statistics that labels the city as the deadliest in America.

“Part of the problem is the lack of jobs and opportunity. Chicago is a very segregated city. There is also no organized gangs. Drug dealing is the business of the gangs. There is nothing organized and there is the proliferation of guns,”  Mitchell said.


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13 thoughts on “Chicago Has The Highest Murder Rate, Here’s Why

  1. Answer me this for all that say these are kids are just lazy. Post office is hiring everyday. Yeah bc they hire ppl with records all the time. 😦 this is systematic oppression. And nothing worst than black person agreeing with a white person about another black person being lazy when you’ve never set foot in Chicago. Anyways. Answer this; where/how are these young men getting these military grade weapons to use on a street? It’s by design folks. Soon all of Chicago will be gentrified and then will they go?

  2. Kelvin on said:

    It’s all about choices.
    When they pick up a gun they know what they’re doing.its after they get arrested that they start crying like little bitches

  3. What is the police department, the politicians that are in office….what are they doing? The laws must be much more strict to keep the violence down. It seems to me…these in authority are getting paid and not doing their job in keeping the city safe. I believe they could enforce the laws but they don’t care or either they don’t know what to do. This should not be continuously happening where one city has no control whatsoever. Not having a job is a very poor excuse. And…is this 2017 or 1917? How is Chicago so segregated? Things have to change.

  4. George on said:

    I think all the conversations are valid. If you look at world history, the black African and the brown Arab have always fought each other, while the Jew and the whites have come together to run the world!!!

  5. Mac Ben on said:

    So…these excuses dont affect the segregated Asian, Irish, Mexican and other communities- just the poor, helpless black folk? Negroe PLEASE!!! It is 2017 and high-time to stop making ridiculous excuses. The reason(s) for the murder and violence rate is: violent black culture, aka N I GG A Z. Other ethnic groups come together and have communities, we get together and have ghettos! We can’t live together. Its obvious- just look at most of the major black populations…Detroit, Memphis, St.Louis, Houston, Philly, Baltimore and D.C…

  6. Good Morning
    I disgree with the comments that black people in Chicago can’t be displaced especially when we are partly responsible for the displacement. If we continue to kill and imprision ourselves we will not have the numbers to be significant and can then be displaced in. Politics education prosperity. I also disagree with the comments there are no jobs in Chicago. The jobs are here you just need to go and get them
    Every other community is working but ours so going out of your community may be a necessity just like everyone else in the world migrate to were work is available.

  7. Things are only going to get worst and I bet trumps presidency won’t change anything for the better. This is a travesty. Where is the leadership in these communities? Where’s the parents??

    • Patricia on said:

      I was thinking the same thing, where are parents? Are the father’s in prison? It appears that the young men have been abandoned by community leaders. I believe prison reform would change or improve conditions in Chicago. Sending men who commit nonviolent acts or on drug charges to prison have created a mess in Chicago. There is lack of leadership positive leadership, not organized gang leadership, that has brought us to this point.

  8. It’s going to be worst under trumps world. This blown won’t do a damn thing for blks and they will regret not buying last year. This is a travesty

    • What is it that you expect him, or anyone else to do for people who won’t do for themselves? Whine and make excuses all you want, but Trump isn’t responsible for this clusterfuck any more than Obama is.

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