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12/12/16 – Roland Martin talks to Tamika Mallory about the The Women’s March at Washington which is slated to occur on January 21, 2017 in Washington D.C.

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5 thoughts on “Tamika Mallory Wants You At The Women’s March At Washington

  1. We will not sleep on this we will fight until the END. Marching will show them we are not playing GAME. I would like to thank those who March for me and got beat up and KILL FOR ME now it’s my Turn.

  2. You sleep now, Donna and we lose even more. You might as well have voted for Dump with that attitude of yours. We’re marching for equal pay, for the right to do what we desire to with our uterus, we’re marching for you and your niece, your daughter. Now is never the time to be complacent, especially if you’re a woman. We are treated as second class citizens in this country and with this Nazi in office, it will get worse. I’m not willing to go back to the 19th century, but perhaps you are.

  3. What’s the point in marching he’s going to be the fake prez. Marching isn’t going to change it. Wake me up in 4 yrs when this madness is over. The shit is going to hit the fan two fold

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