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Ralph Lauren‘s holiday advertising is giving me all the feels. A beautiful, chocolate family is front and center on their website. I love advertising that doesn’t perpetuate stereotypes of Blackness.

What I love is that everyone in the ad has natural hair. The ‘father’ has locs, while the rest sport their beautiful, kinky curly afros.

The family is sitting outside what I imagine to be their winter cabin in the mountains of Montana. They are wearing  navy, green and black with khaki or denim. The red wood of their cabin really brings out their undertones in their skin. The creative and art direction of this ad is on point. This is important during a time when ‘diverse’ ad’s can tend to feel forced or they are completely whitewashed because the brand didn’t even try.

It’s even more important for high-end brands to have diverse representation as before, it wasn’t as common under the guise that Black people couldn’t afford or were not buying them. (Newsflash: The Black spending power is currently, $1.2 trillion dollars). We’re not just buying fast fashion out here with that money.

Yes for diverse representations of Blackness in advertising.

Keep it coming!


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7 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Holiday Ad Shows Love For Natural Hair

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