NEW YORK (AP) — Lil Wayne has walked out of a television interview after being questioned about his support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Wayne walked out as Linsey Davis of ABC News was following up on his comment to Fox Sports in September when he said there’s “no such thing as racism.”

Wayne says he stands by the comment and doesn’t “feel connected” to Black Lives Matter. Wayne describes himself as a “young, black, rich” man, which he says shows America understands that black lives do matter.


The 34-year-old rapper angrily told Davis he isn’t a “politician” while ending the interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “Nightline.”

Wayne is promoting a new biography detailing his 2010 stint in New York’s Riker’s Island prison.

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(Photo Source: ABC News)

36 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Walks Out On Questions Over Black Lives Matter

  1. Annette R. Stephens on said:

    He missed the point big time his money don’t mean a damn thing to white American. He got what ‘s call new money white America only respect old money there’s a big A word difference. They’ll charge his dumb arse with a rape/murder and that white girls family will take it all…He didn’t learn from OJ huh? Which should have been an eye opener and now look at Bill Cosby…Having money being rich as he say with his dumb arse don’t mean JACK when you BLACK! He fooling hisself!

  2. The Truth on said:

    It’s really sad to hear him make those consents. If America was Not in DENIAL that some people look at our skin and judge it as Sin. We know ALL lives matter but it’s The Innocent Black Lives being taken. This has been since History so to hear him talk like that is just SAD. You tell Dr. MARTIN LUTHER King AND ALL THE INNOCENT BLACKS BeFORE HIM AND AFTER HIM…THEIR LIVES WERE TAKEN IN VAIN. YOU ARE A POOR EXCUSE EVEN FOR A DOPED UP BLACK MAN. JUST A SHAME!!!

  3. First off, kids this is what your brain looks like and sounds like on drugs. Don’t they realize that if they had nothing they wouldn’t be nothing to these white folks and it was the black folks that accepted you when you had nothing. Even all those baby mama’s except for Toya would’ve had anything to do with him if he had nothing, but money and fame can always get you laid. I for one don’t find looking like you are full of hepatitis to be attractive. In closing, A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.

  4. mr soul on said:

    L you hit the nail on it’s head. Wayne is one sick looking fuck up human. If we sit on our ass and not vote look out sick ass you will be in the same boat with us bulls eye on your back.

  5. Travis B on said:

    Lil Wayne reminds me of OJ Simpson. Another black man disconnected from being black unless or until it comes to making money off black people and black culture. He should try his hand in country music and watch how they treat him

  6. Roberts on said:

    Another one of those negros who believes he has made it and all is well with the world. He is an uneducated street hood. I don’t know why we should expect more of his dumb ass. I really hate it when black folks get a few dollars and they think wow……everybody loves me and all is well with the world because they give me a seat at the table, buy my music, and treat me nice. But wait…..if he didn’t have any money and represented nothing to gain in return, he would be just like the rest of the black folks they were raised around……..forgotten and disrespected. Will they ever learn that they have bought and paid for that privilege and when they stop buying it, they will no longer get it so it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with their money. Somebody needs to tell these dumb asses that paying to play is not the same as mutual respect and admiration.

  7. Gladys on said:

    Lil Wayne is a 34 yr old man that never grew up. He started smoking weed before his brain could mature. His behavior has been the same for decades. He does not care about Black People at all. He cares about his own fame & fortune. Like he said, THEY buy is music and he is not going to say ANYTHING that may change that. But who supported him before THEY started to buy his music? What charities does he support? Who does he give back to or forward to? Why do we expect he to say something intelligent? Did you see his latest commercial? He is being paid to be himself…an idiot! Why would people want to read is book about him in Rikers? His stint will not be like other BLACK men that go there. Why is it interesting? I’m waiting for the book that will tell how the IRS seize his stuff and him broke. He is a sellout just as much as Ben Carson is! His songs may speak about police brutality and racism but that could be just talk. He is a circus clown performing for the masses!

  8. Maybe Little Wayne does not know the meaning of RACISM. One day he will after it slaps him in the face. He needs to look at other black stars, athletics, actors, etc. that have been taken down.

  9. Also, to me, Lil Wayne seem to think everything is about HIM. Ok, so Lil Wayne, if it is all about you, your family, your life, etc, if things start happening to you, I hope you feel the same way. If a crime happen to your or your family, YOU try to solve it and do NOT look for anyone to help you or come to your aid.

  10. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    BLM movement is not just talking to the white community or just the police. It is also meant for blacks to understand as well. We have all but put the KKK out of business because young blacks are killing each other faster than they (KKK) ever did. Now days they (KKK) just sit back read or listen to the news and laugh and joke about how many of us killed each other last night and how many will be going to jail for it tomorrow. I believe in the BLM movement, but I pray that we as a people believe in it as much as we say we do. If we do, then all the senseless killings of black on blacks EVERY DAY would end. First we have to believe that BLM before we can convince any other race that BLM.

    • mr soul on said:

      Mr Rosco Go too youtube and type in the history of racism and you will see why we kill each other ! Oh it’s done by the BBC

  11. ButterPecan on said:

    So he thinks just because he sees white people at his concerts that there isn’t any racism! Please stop drinking your cough syrup and try to STAY WOKE IDIOT!

  12. I want Lil Wayne to go stay in Forstye, Ga for a good month or two or even a one year. Rent a home there, drive around in a car (nice or plain); do not tell NO ONE you are famous (yes, people will treat you different due to you being famous but NOT because they like you but because they hope you do not bring the press in); then come back to us and tell us that racism does not exist still.

  13. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    Poor guy…..He believes in racism….it’s in his rap words but he just has not had to deal with it because he has his eyes closed to it. If he thinks none of the people he is around is racist, just watch how they talk if he stops paying them to be around him or the party stops. Then and only then can he see what true racism is like. It’s like you working for a white man who is paying you large to come to work everyday so you can support your family top shelf like. You’re not going to walk in his office and tell him you don’t and never have liked white people. See what i mean. He thinks he’s never been around it because he has never heard them talk about him….Ha,Ha,ha,ha

    • Exactly. And that will only mean, they liked HIS MONEY, NOT HIM. Even a racist K K K will tolerate a black person if they come into their store and pay their money but they do not want you to stay or get above them. I have dealt with a racist like this in my hometown but I did not know it at the time until a race riot broke out in the 80’s and I learn he was a member of the K K K.

    • specialt757 on said:

      You speak the truth. Before he “made it” he experienced it, now all of a sudden he’s on top or think he’s on top and now there is no more racism. All it takes is one experience to knock him back down to reality, because believe it or not rich blacks experience racism just like poor or other blacks.
      You can bet 200 bags of skittles some of the white folks he’s in business with wouldn’t give his ratchet behind the time of day if he wasn’t a money source for them in some form.

  14. This guy is stupid. Now, if lil Wayne want to claim HE does not feel racism, that is on him BUT to others and based on THEIR life experiences, racism has effect him. Even big names and people who are richer than him from Oprah, to Michael Jackson, Prince, even President Obama has experiences racism; but I guess because he has a few bucks and a few non blacks scream at him, Lil Wayne think everything is good. I have news for your Lil Wayne, we always had a few non blacks to deal with us but that does NOT mean the OTHERS in their group want you and won’t try to suppress you.

  15. Humm I guess bottom line not every black celebrity buys into the Grievance Industry’s
    “America is a Racist Oppressive Nation” where all blacks are oppressed beat down discriminated against and murdered by authority’s (well we are murdered but seldom by police ) After all there are millions of Successful AA’s in this country who own businesses own homes are financially secure Send their children to college take the family on vacation etc
    I guess like other celebrities who have made millions in this country he attributes much of that wealth to those so called “racist, oppressive whites”
    And not every black person is a supporter of BLM

    • Then Lil Wayne should address it as HIS Life but when he say THERE IS NO RACISM that means he is calling all of those blacks and their life experience LIARS. He does not have to like BLM but do not come across as what BLM is doing is not helping. If Lil Wayne is in the FEW who were blessed not to deal with racism, good for him BUT I will wait and see when time goes on and something comes up will Lil Wayne feel the same way. This reminds me of Clarence Thomas talking about blacks but when those accusations can up, then all of a sudden, old Clarence claim “this is a lynching”. It never change.

    • Jhuf, I do not think no black person is saying ALL blacks BUT anyone who think this does not exist is stupid or that they are “immune” from it happening to them. That is the difference. I have NEVER used drugs but I will NOT sit here and say we do not have a drug problem in America all because of what I never have done. Women are being successful even graduating from college at a higher rate than men but that does NOT mean everything is equal for women compare to men.

  16. specialt757 on said:

    Lil Wayne looks like something you should wipe your behind with and throw in the toilet, He looks disgusting. I bet no one here is raising their hand to have him as a son-in-law or date or even worse, impregnate their daughters. Four kids by four baby mommas, he is definitely no prize, rich or not.

  17. specialt757 on said:

    I guess some of us have never listened to the lyrics of some of his rap songs where he speaks out against the police brutality or recognizes racism exists. Here is just a small taste of some of his lyrics in case you haven’t heard them.
    Oh Lord, what are we runnin from?
    The police cause they already killed enough of us
    Stay out them streets cause they don’t fuck with us, they huntin us
    We in a race against racists, that’s a color run
    Then they telling y’all lies on the news
    The white people smiling like everything cool
    But I know people that died in that pool
    I know people that died in them schools
    A 34 y.o. rich black guy has a much different experience that a 20 – 40 y.o. poor black man when it comes to how he’s treated in these streets. So today no, he may not experience racism but it does exist and he has in the past experienced it and has spoken out against it, so he can stop playing. He is a fool and no one should be praising his name as if he said something profound, he said nothing in the least profound, he is clearly an idiot so don’t believe the hype.

    • Then he needs to learn how to articulate his words when he has to speak instead of on a rap. Saying there is NO racism is not the same to say racism exist but he has been blessed not to come in contact with it (or at least not face to face or upfront with those who are racist).

      • Lil Wayne will never be able to articulate his words beyond the stupidity in which we see today. Just because he has money doesn’t mean he’s an intelligence person, money can’t buy brains, it can however, buy education but he doesn’t have the smarts to even get an education. His whole persona is based on being ignorant, and obviously ignorance sells, because its a whole lot more ignorant folks being his bull-ish.

  18. I could say A LOT however, I won’t!! Bottomline is… he does not relate to Black Lives Matters simply because his life is a complete WASTE!! Knowing that makes me richer than he will ever be 🙂

  19. I think he has sipped on so much syrup and smoked entirely to much grass, so much that it has messed up his brain. He doesn’t realize that he has become the white man’s puppet. He has been bought by the white man, is making a fool of himself and our race. Look at his body language in the interview, he’s gone.

  20. If Donald Trump wants to prove true his statement about women “letting you do anything if you’re a star”, all he has to do is pull up this video, look at that child weeping, saying she’s going to marry Lil’ Wanky, and point out that he has four children. He is one of the nastiest, grossest, and most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. He’s also rich, famous and much sought after. However, he does have one redeeming quality. He unapologetically refuses to be a part of the pack. And for good reason. As the old saying goes, “always dance with the one what brung ya”.

  21. Lil Wayne is an asshole who knows nor cares about his HISTORY–BLACK HISTORY.

    All this fool cares about is $$$$ and making those stupid commercials where he is shown
    buying an expensive bottle of champagne and then pouring it on his IPhone.

    When the REVOLUTION comes when CHUMP gets elected–Lil Wayne’s life will be on the line just like the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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