10/12/16- Roland Martin talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the opening weekend numbers of Nate Parker‘s Birth Of A Nation.

“We do not operate by mainstream media by what they say is a flop or not. The fact that it got made is a success. How is it that we can say after one week that this movie is a flop? The problem is when we accept someone else’s narrative about our story,” he says.

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21 thoughts on “Roland Martin Explains Why ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Was Not A Flop

  1. Raymond Conley on said:

    Ralph Ellison said only a fool plays by the rules there’s no one else plays by show some character stop major and minors and major in majors this country will never give up anything stop begging cry loud over Andover again the same thing I’d rather be dead and in my grave then be afraid

  2. That Guy on said:

    Kate’s and anyone else who says “I’m tired of seeing slavery movies” are a bunch of dumb morons, this movie was NOT about slavery, but about LIBERATION from enslavement, these were the ones who DIDN’T take the beating, I swear black people are so fucking ignorant, especially the ones (Like Kate’s) who claims to be a “educated black person”. You spew that same black on black nonsense like a white person does, IGNORING THE FACT, THAT A RACE WILL COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST THEIR OWN, BECAUSE THEY ARE IN THE SAME COMMUNITIES, white on white crime is higher than black on black crime, and is because MOST of them live amongst each other, life is NOT good here in the US for FALSELY convinced black men (and Mexicans) for crimes they never committed, turned into slaves with no voting rights.

    I bet you three were the same idiots watching “Straight oughtta Compton” a movie about drugs, gang violence, and exploitation of women, and probably thought “your girl got a dick in her mouth” was Oscar worthy. Learn who you negroes REALLY are, before you spit such ignorance

  3. Sassykay21 on said:

    If you don’t know where you come from then you don’t know where you are going. The movie is more than just about slavery, it’s about a man who was a slave who took a stance. For those who say they are tired of history being thrown in their face or it makes them look backward, I hope you are not sitting on somebody’s church every Sunday reading and referring to a bible that is thousands of years old and is filled with nothing but old stories….are you tired of hearing about Jesus died on the cross, are you tired of hearing about when Moses was in Egypt land….GTFOH…..

  4. redbone1954 on said:

    And before someone claps back at me go on Netflix and watch 13th about the 13th amendment to the consitution we are still being enslaved by modern day prisons

  5. redbone1954 on said:

    Black people are the only race who do not want to learn and educate themselves on our history and learn from it. The jews will not let us forget the Holocaust and they should make us remember it. it too was a trgic horrible event in history. But Black folks “I’m tired of slave movies” Don’t you think that the people who lived through this were tired, down troddened, separated from their families.beaten treated like animals were tired? The best some of our Black people can do is worry about keeping up with the Jones’s about the next coach bag worry about buying designer clothes and living beyond their means.buying shoes from designers that could give a rat azz about you just want your money and fighting over Nike shoes and killing each other and many of us don’t know how to save a dime!!!!!! WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA

    • Black people know about slavery. Learn from it? Learn what? How to be a good slave? How not to be caught when you run from the plantation? How to be a good slave owner? How to hate white people? As the younger generation come of age, they should be taught the history of slavery. But old, overgrown ass negroes know about slavery and don’t have to be slapped upside the damned head with it every friggin’ minute of every day. As far as the Jews making us remember the holocaust, just how are they doing that? By demanding reparations? Demanding streets be named for them? Demanding handouts? Churning out movie after movie about being marched into ovens? Ask any of our young people about the holocaust. Most of them won’t even be able to pronounce the word. It’s history. Learn it and move on.

  6. Kate’s life is good?? What because you have a Nice car, job & House. All which Probably comes from the White man. Life is good while Unarmed People of Color Continue 2Get Shoot down 4No Good reason other than Their Color. Life is good in a Country that’s about 6% of the Worlds Population but has about 25% of the Worlds Prison Population. Could go oN & oN about the good life here but why. KATE’S Says it’s Great lets just Move on Right Kate’s

    • Life is indeed good. I do have a nice house and a nice car. Don’t know if it came from a white man, woman, chicken, child or dog. What I do know is that I paid for them by getting a good education and working hard for what I have. Oh, and about all the bad things that are going on this country that makes your life so miserable, you left out the one about how blacks are slaughtering each other by the hundreds every week, and like you, instead of trying to find solutions to that big ass elephant in room, everybody kneels, sits, stands, rap and dance about police killings. Which in my opinion is like a gang of people stamping out a fire in an ashtray while the whole damn house burns down around them. If nobody else was EVER killed by a cop, the ashtray stompers would find something else to protest before they even acknowledge the slaughter of our own people by our own people. If I felt as awful about the place I live in as you do, I’d move.

  7. Ms kim on said:

    Went to see this movie Monday night with my husband and one of my daughters and I for one thought it was very well done, and also NOT A FLOP. I would have to agree with martin you can’t expect folks to validate what works for us. very well done Mr. Parker 🙂 much continued success!

  8. DeeDee on said:

    Why all the majority of black movies have to be slavery? We getting killed by the police everyday. Me personally I don’t want to watch a movie about slavery starting a black man who is married to a white women. Just my opinion

    • It was not a flop. It cost $10million to make and so says white folks, it made $7million. I am 79 years young and I do not get tired of movies about slavery because each movie about slavery, I learn something new. At this moment I don’t know my great grandparents were or exactly where they were stolen from. White folks and some black folks do not want to know the truth. That’s why in 2016, we are still in denial.

      • If it cost $10million dollars to make and grossed $7 million, it was a flop. I doubt anyone is in denial about slavery. People tend to travel in the direction they are looking. If you’re constantly looking backward, that’s the direction you will travel. It’s like the descendents of the people of the Holocaust watching movie after movie after movie depicting them being shoved into ovens, and roaming the earth declaring hatred for the descendents of the ones that killed their ancestors. We know our history. We know about slavery, including the fact that the first slave owner was a black man. You can’t change history. You learn and look forward to a better future. I for one am done with watching slave movies. I was done with traveling backwards a long time ago. Life is good.

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