T.I. 925 Scales restaurant ribbon cutting

T.I. doesn’t play when it comes to rumors about his family, and with social media’s prevalence, his true feelings are always only one click away.

After rumors swirled that TIP was caught cheating on Tiny with model Ana Montana, the rapper took to Instagram to let the world know to stop playing with his name. Montana, who appeared in T.I.’s “Dope” video earlier this year, is allegedly pregnant with what the streets are saying is the King of the South’s seed.

But in a photo of T.I. laughing hard, he captioned it, “Huh,They saying what?!?!?! And y’all went for that one? Guess U muuuufuckaz really will just believe ANYTHING!!!! Haaaaaa!!!! God Bless the simple minded mislead by the media….. The real ones KNOW,believe half of what you see,none of what u hear,UNLESS u hear it from ME!!!!”

Judging by the amount of children he has to take care of, T.I. doesn’t have time to be out creeping. He and Tiny welcomed their third kid, and first daughter together, Heiress, back in March.



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