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An off-campus party turned violent in Greenboro, North Carolina this weekend and two North Carolina A&T Students ended up dead. In what was described as an altercation, students Alicia Dieudonne and Ahmad Campbell were shot and later pronounced dead.

MyFox8.com reports:

“None of what happened had to happen,” said the N.C. A&T student who lives at the house where the party took place.

We had a party that happened on the other side of campus. It wasn’t even here. And then what happened was after that party had let out people came over to the house hearing that there was another party and it wasn’t,” he went on to say.

The student, who didn’t want to be identified, said that a large group of people would soon enter the house.

“It got real packed guys had gotten kind of heated. Two guys one of them was my friend and then another guy that I don’t know, they started arguing,” he explained.

The other guy that I didn’t know claimed that my friend had tried to hit him with a bottle and then two of his friends hit my friend,” he continued.

Moments later, he said that three shots rang out.

“It was like doosh, doosh…and that was it,” said Quishon Morgan, N.C. A&T student.

Those shots would eventually hit and later kill both Dieudonne and Campbell.

“This is a really sad day for the families of our victims as well North Carolina A&T State University,” said Captain Nathaniel Davis with the Greensboro Police Department.

The University issued a statement:

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