**WARNING: The video below contains extremely graphic content. Please watch at your own risk**

HOUSTON (AP) — A Houston transit police officer has resigned after the release of a surveillance video that shows him beating a man he found slumped on a seat on a rail platform.

An internal review recommended Officer Jairus Warren’s dismissal for using excessive force in the Sept. 14 beating of Darrell Giles. Authorities say Warren quit Monday.

Giles was arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest, but the charges were later dropped. Giles’ attorney says he was struck more than a dozen times.

Police Chief Vera Bumpers says Daniel Reynosa, a second officer present during the beating, was suspended then cleared of wrongdoing. Bumpers says Reynosa will return to duty and undergo additional training.

Prosecutors will review the incident.

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(Photo/Video Source: cw39.com screenshot)

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23 thoughts on “GRAPHIC VIDEO: Houston Transit Police Officer Accused In Beating Resigns

  1. The officer resigned so he can go get another job somewhere else and is back by the Police Union. When is someone going to introduce legislation to stop this from happening. This guy should never be a police again, and should be charged with assault.

  2. Just giving a quick 2 cents on said:

    I noticed that the cop kicked dude right before he got up but dude just stood right up and didn’t go at the cop. We don’t know what was said but u see that the cop was trying to provoke dude. A lot of these cops are HORRIBLE no matter the race and try to pick confrontations with ppl in order to be able to take out frustration and anger on them.

    Blatant abuse of the badge and he definitely should NOT have been allowed to resign to be able to avoid firing because like it’s been already posted, he can move elsewhere and join a force there without that incident being on his record, most likely.

  3. Why wasn’t he FIRED??? Allowing him to resign means that he can go to work in another department and still do the same thing. These “gypse” cops have got to be stopped and prevented from moving to other cities and departments with a clean record. Both Black and White cops can be racist, brutal and crazy AND IT IS UP TO THE OTHER COPS TO TRY AND PREVENT THEM FROM CONTINUING IN THIS CAREER….OTHERWISE THEY WILL ENDANGER all OF YOUR LIVES!!!

    • specialt757 on said:

      Exactly Mr. Lee, by the cop just standing and watching is just as bad. Warren will go on to another town, city, or state PD and they won’t even confirm his bad behavior. Repeating this cycle and the PDs wonder why there’s an issue between the community and the police, it’s obvious!

      • Nowhere in the story is this man described as poor and homeless. In fact the dude is wearing $200 sneakers. See these fools all day on the Metro, hanging out drinking a 40oz out of a bag. This is a prime example of what our race has become under Democratic leadership. Given a handout for everything. No pride in working or accomplishing anything. Wake up on any weekday, head out into the street and make a day of it, playa style. No motivation or morality.

        We used to be so proud and community supported. No we’re just Government supported. Sad

  4. No one noticed the aggressive manner in which the suspect rose from the bench, fist clenched, ready to swing at the officer? Look at his right hand as he rises and confronts the officer

    • Larry does that “aggressive rise” justify the beating this man received? Would you be so understanding if the cop had been White? Bottom line is that police are expected to use the right force at the right time and this was a clear case of excessive and unjust use of force towards an unarmed person.

      • I agree, the beating was excessive. Has it been confirmed that the subject didn’t have a weapon? It’s not visible in the video, but as we now know from Charlotte video, it only tells part of the story. What we definitely didn’t see in the Charlotte video was a book.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I noticed that he was sitting on the bench/chair and the black cop kicked his foot and he got up aggressive but that extremely brutal beating was completely unnecessary. NO there was no gun or weapon involved on the part of the victim, he was just poor and homeless an obvious deadly combination is the U.S.A.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    This was absolutely disgusting! I hope this man files a law suit, but still not sure why charges aren’t being at least considered against this ex-transit cop.

  6. African American Woman on said:

    Hi kates…that other officer clearly needs to be charged. As a civil servant, his job was to protect and serve- neither one was done here. The video itself is atrocious, however, I wonder whether those cops will say he said something or was threatening to them in some fashion to justify beating him. I think it’s frustration, heat of the moment, sense of authority and access to a weapon. I just want BLM to come out and support this man and his family. The baton he used to beat him was black and I really don’t think the color of the cop wielding it mattered to him. The issue here is what needs to happen to decrease the police’s frustration and there needs to be honest talk- if someone’s feelings get hurt, so what. Is rather have hurt feelings than be dead because a cop happened to be angry or frustrated at the time we crossed paths.

    • AAW – police and other civil servants are charged with a higher level of control than others. It doesn’t matter what that person said to instigate him there was no cause for him to resort to that level of violence. The officer that was with him should also be charged, because if it was presented to a grand jury as an assault case he would be considered as an accomplice because if they were ordinary citizens and he was watching another person beating a person he would be considered just as guilty. The bigger issue is when are the cops going to start doing the right thing and expose those cops that don’t deserve to wear the badge? Until that happens all police lives are in danger because the average citizen is scared and does not know which cops are bad and dangerous so they are fearful of ALL COPS and that makes for a dangerous interaction all the time.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Ummmm. Nathan, I actually said those things-not sure if you read my post correctly.

  7. So what he was fired–how about charging this POS Pig with felonious assault & battery for starters!!!!!!!

    For once I would like to see a law enforcement officer who has done WRONG brought to JUSTICE and put in JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think brutality of police is an ingrained mentality. It doesn’t matter if it’s white cop/black victim or black cop/black victim, etc., the end result is that those that act in this manner are nothing but angry schoolyard bullies with a badge and a gun. The difference in the white cop/black victim scenario is that the cop is a racist bully. As Cheryl Underwood said on The Talk, until police are held accountable to fullest extent of the law, this will continue. Elected officials make and change laws. Citizens need to know who they are voting for, what their stand is on specific issues, what are the sentencing statistics for judges, and the like to make significant changes for our society. Remember, “We the people…”

  9. African American Woman on said:

    My goodness, this is terrible. The pain on that man’s face! Now, this guy really wasn’t doing anything and that office needs to be prosecuted…well let’s see if BLM comes out for this since the cop was black. It kinda doesn’t fit their agenda of white cop/black victim…what do you call this?

    • I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, but I hope this goon is charged, tried and convicted of aggravated assault. Tell me African American Woman, did the other officer try to do anything to stop this lunatic? If he didn’t he should be charged too. What is it that compels these animals commit such acts in full view of cameras? Is the compulsion to cause pain so great that the consequences don’t matter? The severity of the consequences need to change.

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