excessive force

The police beating of Tyre Nichols that led to his death will get even more heartbreaking now that body cam footage has been released.

A 41-year-old Black man from Greensboro, North Carolina suffered extreme excessive force at the hands of Camden County corrections officers.

A woman protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade at the NBA Finals led to her being handcuffed & sedated by San Francisco paramedics.

The recent case of 25-year-old Brandon Calloway being brutally beaten by Tennessee cops in his home has many people seeking justice.

A Black man was shot & killed by San Bernardino cops, who say he was fleeing with a gun in-hand. His mom says he was on the phone with her.

An inquest jury unanimously ruled that two Seattle cops were justified in using deadly force on a mentally unstable pregnant Black woman.

A 54-year-old Black woman in California was the latest victim to prove that excessive force is a huge problem for African Americans after she was gunned down by a Stockton police officer that fired 30 shots at her car for backing into his cruiser.

Another Black man driving for a high-profile company experienced the latest case of DWB recently thanks to a police officer in Collegedale, Tennessee that tased him during a traffic stop.

The latest example of unnecessary police brutality comes by way of a Kentucky State prisoner who unfortunately died after prison guards used excessive force while he was having a Bipolar mental episode.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office ruled that a San Clemente police officer's actions were valid after shooting a homeless Black man originally stopped for jaywalking.

A Black male student at Purdue University in Indiana sadly is one of the latest of our people to experience police brutality after an on-campus police officer pinned him down by the neck with an elbow. Thankfully, that cop has since been put on leave until further notice.

Bodycam video was released Tuesday in a Chicago police officer’s fatal shooting of a man armed with a knife at a domestic disturbance, and the victim’s mother is now wondering how an argument between her son and his girlfriend resulted in his death at the hands of the police.