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DL Hughley Serious

In the wake of another shooting of an unarmed Black man, Terence Crutcher, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, comedian and social activist D.L. Hughley took a moment to address the tragedy and the controversy surrounding NFL star Colin Kaepernick.

The quarterback has been a staple in the media after he decided he would no longer stand during the national anthem before his games. Conservative talking heads have spoken against his protest, calling him “unpatriotic.”

Now, D.L. is challenging the same people outraged by Kaepernick to speak out about police brutality:

14 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley Speaks Out About Terence Crutcher

  1. Rite ON!!!!!!! DL could not have said it better my self.All those house negroes think about is there dame pockets. Don’t Agree with WHITEY and NO TV JOB.Dame rite all those so called outstanding althetes and nothin but BLACK COWARDS!!!! NO BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much DL for constantly speaking out on these injustices! Black men in every arena should be doing the same thing as you. It could easily be any black man regardless of his money or status. And I must say I fell so sick at my stomach when I look at the media and see a black man putting Colin down for trying to bring attention to the racism problem in this country. BLACK MEN take a stand against racism, don’t be quiet.

  3. I quit pledging to the flag years ago. It is a piece of fabric, Jehovah Witnesses never pledge or Muslims. Like pledging to something false. That flag belongs to the Devils who put more importance on the damn flag, than human life. Go figure !

  4. Nathaniel Lawson on said:

    I spent 4 years active duty USAF and 26 years in the Air Force Reserves and I support Kaepernick whole heartedly. I’ve raised my hand to swear to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the US on 6 different occasions. It galls me when a case is made to defend the 2nd amendment but those same folks want us to disregard the 1st amendment. How can anyone expect black folks to wrap themselves in the flag when that flag is used as an instrument to try and keep us quiet and compliant. If the nat’l anthem were written by the original Black Panthers how many white folks would stand for that? Case closed!!!

  5. big ups to Kaepernick, he’s showing he’s a stand-up guy no pun intended I support him whole heartedly. 🙂 🙂 and great of DL to also speak out, hopefully a change is gonna come.

  6. Joseph Coleman on said:

    DL is one of the most intelligent and passionate brothers in America today, concerning this hatred perpetrated on Black men in America. All of those black men he mentioned are nothing but cowards!

  7. Thank you DL for not being afraid to speak out. Some people like Ray and Jerry chose to make it about disrespect to the flag or the military which it’s far from the truth.

  8. specialt757 on said:

    Of course they won’t speak out, no money in it. Too busy trying to please people who don’t give a damn about them, their lives don’t matter unless there’s profit to be gained. Jerry Rice is a big ass disappointment, used to have his jersey, that shit is in the trash.
    Can’t stand a uncle Tom azz negroes skinin’ and grinin’ up to whitey, “yessah boss, the blacks is over there being sensitive again, they want the same rights as you boss. Why can’t they jus bees happy theys free na.”

    • Hahaahaa LOL… OMG! U hit that right on the nose! Not making light of all the legalized lynching going on. I just loved how you responded in that you clearly pointed out the despicable deafening SILENCE of too many Black celebrities and sports figures. They are too busy scraping bowing cooning & grinning…tripping over themselves to prove what good House Negroes they are. Black People in general need to wake the F up!!!!

  9. Yea, they won’t have anything to say because there is no financial gain or status enhancement by commenting on the epidemic of police brutality and blatant racism in this country. The fact that those clowns made negative comments about Colin’s protest is sickening and disrespectful to the movement; which afforded their ignorant asses the opportunity to be employed by networks or pro leagues. I’m tired of saying “RIP” to black people who weren’t given the chance to live in peace. Black love is what matters…that’s the only way we’ve made it this far…prayers out the families of those lost.

  10. But I bet they won’t say a dam thing because they don’t think Black Men Lives Matter so you know what I won’t be standing for it anymore either. Black Lives Matter Hillary President 2016

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