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50 thoughts on “EXPRESS YOURSELF: Share Your Reactions On #TerenceCrutcher

  1. I would also charge the police officers on the scene that could have stopped officer Shelby from killing Terence Crutcher with depraved-indifference. Their actions were so egregious that such actions contributed to the death of another. Prior to officer Shelby shooting Mr. Crutcher, there were officers standing with her that knew or should have known the firing of officer Shelby’s weapon would be an act of deadly force against a person who’s actions exhibited no immediate threat to life, and the other officers’, who’s job and responsibility is to preserve life, by their actions did nothing to stop the killing of Mr. Crutcher, in support of officer Shelby’s actions, acted with depraved-indifference. They too should be criminally charged with Mr. Crutcher’s death.

  2. mrknowitall on said:

    They are doing it to themselves. Self extermination is the result of the black female raising these chillens for moneys. European Americans do it too, but colored people think the welfare system “is” their reparation money.

  3. Once again clowns of the human race want to say something. What exactly changes in your world by calling a person something disrespectful that you don’t know. Were your parents related, or are just the typical idiot that walks these streets everyday in every city. I’m sure the KKK website would be happy to hear from you.

  4. At last count, there were more than 500 homicides of Black people in Chicago this year alone. If we are outraged by this, we should certainly be outraged by that. We can’t be selective about innocent lives being taken just because we want to make a point about racism. Law enforcement shooting unarmed people is a crime regardless of the race of the individual killed. Senseless murders of innocent people is due in large part to lawlessness of the society. We can protests 24/7, but until we make some real changes within our own community, this will continue. Unlike other prayers on this website, I hope people will pray for calm resolve and not vengeance at any costs.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Please explain what your comment has to do with this racist cop killing this man because of the color of his skin?
      Sure, be outraged about the homicides within the black community, I am, I’m pretty sure everyone black on this website share those feelings.
      Back in the 50s and 60s were police killing blacks for being black? If you don’t know the answer go contact Emmitt Teal’s family and a hosts of other families who lost their love ones through no fault of their own. Get your dumb ass of this site and take the handful of vanilla colored nuts with you back to the cave from which you came.

  5. mrknowitall on said:

    This may be another reason NOT to hire women. They are weaker sex, but the affirmative action system allowed it to happen. Affirmative Action killed that guy.

      • mrknowitall on said:

        Why would you want to insult anyone simply for having an opinion that is different from yours? Leftists insult because they can’t logically challenge other’s opinions, I get it. If you watch Cops on tv “if it is still on” you will see the men do the takedowns and fighting, whie the female Affirmative Action cops stand by. That may be the female cops excuse. She really is too weak to handle the job phycally. I am speaking as a European American Man when I say she physically isn’t capable of being a cop. She needs to be cuffed & stuffed.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Mr. knownothingatall, if you made intelligent comments there would be no reason to insult you whether your opinion was different from mine, I would be at least be able to say, “ok I see his point”. But because your comments are so offensive and stupid you are not worth the insult, okay maybe one, you really are an idiot.

  6. Sandra A Fields on said:

    How is it that there is a man who went on the run after shooting 2 state troopers, killing one and is caught alive, another man set off 2 bombs, before being apprehended he shoots at police injuring at least one officer. Both of these men were and are in jail. Terrance Crutcher did nothing wrong. His car had stopped running and he dead. The man in NC was waiting for his son after school but because the officer thought he had a gun he shot and killed. Dillon Ruff shot and killed people attending a Bible study class and he’s taken to a fast food joint because he’s hungry. These injustices towards people of color must end now. We need to vote and vote correctly. We need the right people in Congress on the federal and state level who help us in our struggle for fairness, equality. We also need to hurt white people where it counts, in their wallet. Money snd power, being in control. We as Black people need to stand together like our ancestors before us did. We can do this.

  7. Arthur Childress on said:

    This is what happens when these racist white dogs are allowed to infiltrate this countries law enforcement agencies. They only become cops so that they can murder Black men with impunity.

  8. Daniel Asamota on said:

    All pray with me; thank You dear Lord in the name of Jesus for the absolute total and complete destruction of the evil evil evil white establishment and ALL who work with them in any capacity WORLDWIDE! We thank You Dear Lord in the name of Jesus our Savious; Amen.

  9. Arrosconpollo on said:

    Yes, mrknowitall, it’s true that there is black on black crime as well as white on white crime etc. However, racist white people have been murderers since the world began so all this black on black crime, they got it from the racist murderers and your racist murdering ancestors.

  10. specialt757 on said:

    Betty KKKlan needs to be charged with 1st degree murder no less. She killed this unarmed man in cold blood. Until she is prosecuted and convicted we should not rest.

    Anyone viewing this video and seeing something different needs their eyes and head examined. This man was no threat.

  11. Wow! Every morning its the same thing. Another Brother gone. No matter what this is still a human being, someone father, brother, son. I agree with Sheryl Underwood “why does the police need training when it comes to Black Lives and not when it comes down to whites. The only way to get this problem to settle is to hit them where they care the most and that’s their pocket. MLK did it in the sixties and it works, that is boycott their business, stop going to their business if they do not speak out. that include white and black businesses. Black athletes in particular has a supreme position to leverage. College and professional athletes can shut this country down just by sitting down and not participate in sporting events until something is done about these killings. My God its worst then Sodom. Thanks Sheryl and keep trying!!! My heart goes out to the families. Back in the days my cousin was shot and killed by a police and constable and never was charge. God Bless You All!!

  12. One person said it’s modern day lynching of black people. It’s sad but true. We can’t give up. We have to continue protesting peacefully and stop thinking that our votes don’t count Vote. We are strong and have to stand together.

    • Not entirely true. 702 have been killed by police in America this year- only 163…have been black (WaPo Stats, 2016). That is less than 25 percent of the murders by cops. Police are killing everybody. Black killings get media attention to keep the racial tensions up and to sell newspapers because they know blacks will more than likely chimpout and loot/riot.

      • Daniel Asamota on said:

        chimp out? who the fuck are you? chimp out? It’s obvious you ain’t black you kkk motherfucker!

  13. hazel told the truth on said:

    I would like to know what is the government doing about this situation .This has been going on for too long how long are they gonna pro long these situations in the black community something needs to be do about this matter.They want our votes but nobody don’t want to handle the situation when it comes to black folks .And only looking out for people that’s non black doing things in there community and helping them out isn’t fair .

  14. I hate to say this but we first need to begin to care about our Brothers and Sisters ourselves. I’m all for BLM movement but every morning when I watch the news some body got shot. We killing ourselves so why should they care. We know racism is still very much alive one less of one of us is fine to them since that’s the way we see ourselves. It breaks my heart knowing there are positive leaders going out to different communities trying their best to help these young people, but they hafta care as well. Hands up and being black don’t mean a thing anymore we will always be a threat to them, this goes back in history. Hopefully (I pray) justice is done. That cop shot him within seconds of Terrance being tased. How was he a threat.

  15. It saddens me to inform you that. No matter what we do or say we won’t see good results. Here is what will happen. The officers involved in the murder. Will be placed on admin leave. Charges will be brought upon the officers. A grand jury will find the officers involved did nothing wrong. Life will go on and the family will get rich. This new trend is happening right before our eyes. You only get change by affecting the government pocket. DONT PAY TAXES TO MY PEOPLE. STOP IT.

  16. It’s a disgrace. It’s a shame that African Americans have to worry about our children being murdered just for being black in America. My heart aches for these families. It has to STOP!! Where was the threat??? It’s straight BS

  17. Cynthia Riddle on said:

    Very troubling. It was so not necessary. What I find interesting is that the bombing suspect yesterday was shot by two officers, one bullet hit the suspect and yet he lives. He’s taken to the hospital, treated and then arrested. How unfair. They don’t shoot to kill anyone else other than black men & women. One of the police officers stung Terence yesterday, while the other officer thought it was necessary to shot and kill him. And, mind you, that officer is at home taking time off with pay! Really!? It doesn’t stop because there are no consequences to their actions. How many cops have been tried AND convicted of shooting unarmed black men and women!? Our justice system in terms of African Americans receiving equal justice under the law is atrocious! That’s what we need to be picketing courthouses and or prosecuting attorney’s offices around the nation. And they wonder why we are so angry!!

    • Daniel Asamota on said:

      Yeah, I noticed that too. Ain’t that something? They’re just showing us that they’re murdering our people on PURPOSE!!!

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        You are exactly right Daniel, these shootings are “on purpose” and “deliberate”. They don’t even pretend anymore!

  18. …The African-American Man has become an “endangered species”…What protections do we have?…Do they still consider us “3/5th of a human” still?!?! God will not “tolerate” this…..Vengence is mine saith the Lord.

  19. I am outraged by the latest shooting of an unarmed black man, just as I was before and the time before that. What can we do as a people to change the law. protesting for a few months is not changing anything. How can I help? Instead of a million man march lets do a 10 million men/women march and keep it going. Let’s stop spending on certain things and put our money into this cause. We need someone with a huge voice to start this.

    Something has to be done, it’s so very sad and very scary.

      • You obviously dont have a real job whereby taxes are taken out automatically. Nor do you shop in non-nootleg establishments where taxes are inluded at the point of sale. Dont pay your property tax and see how quickly your home is seized…Grow up and face reality.

    • mrknowitall on said:

      You really aren’t outraged. Blacks murder each other daily and never a march or protest. You are really a black racist and get angry when the shooter is a cop espically a European American police officer.

      • Harold white on said:

        You mrknowitall are a KKK snake. Why do you even post on a Black vine? You do not have any Black friends and probably don’t know any Black people. Take your racist views back to the caves that you were born in.

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