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Malia Obama can’t do anything without sparking the outrage of the Internet’s lurking conservatives. Not listen to music. Not wear a hip hop t-shirt. And certainly not be pictured anywhere near any adult beverages of any kind.

Unfortunately, a new picture of the First Daughter, 18, at a party in Maryland where beer pong was played (gasp!) means renewed interest in her extracurricular activities. DailyMail published the picture, piecing together based on her outfit that the Harvard-bound teenager went to a get together immediately after the Made In America festival a week ago. Notice that Malia doesn’t have a drink, or any other substance, in her hand. Seriously, notice it:

But even if she did, who cares? She’s 18, and it’s no big deal if she sips a beer or takes a puff off a joint every once in a while. Considering everything she has to deal with in her daily life, who wouldn’t need to unwind? It doesn’t make her any less of a role model.

Thankfully, there are reasonable voices on Twitter defending this 18-year-old’s right to live a little:

According to the Daily Mail, the White House Press Office didn’t respond to a request for comment. If they do, hopefully it’ll be, “FOH.”
SOURCE: DailyMail | PHOTO: Getty

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12 thoughts on “Malia Obama Was Spotted Next To Beer Again

  1. GOD judges the Heart, man judges the outward appearance. Right,the way this is appeared.Never worry about what they say! GOD says different! Be Blessed! I have a great word word FOR her haters. Genesis 50:20. But as for you: year thought evil against me: But GOD Meant it for bring to pass this day, to save much people alive.Be Blessed.

  2. This young lady is 18 years old and has been scrutinized since day one. They can’t find any dirt on her parents, so they follow her around hoping that she will give them what they want. She is a teenager, give her a break.

  3. ButterPecan on said:

    Mr. John Q. Public has been dogging the Obama girls since he took office and they STILL haven’t got any dirt. No drinking, no flipping off the paparazzi, no falling down drunk, no wild parties! We don’t believe you so give it a rest already!

    • biggirl57 on said:

      at her age did you change your friends? FU and all the haters, let this young lady breath. STOP ALL THE DAMN HATE! Worry about your on damn kids and what they are doing!

      • My parents always told me to be careful who you choose as friends,
        because some can be a detriment to you, something I guess no one bothered teaching you, Michael Brown was just a kid but he sure didn’t engage in behavior becoming of a teen

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