Malia Obama

Malia Obama is said to have a new boyfriend that many think bears an uncanny resemblance to her father Barack Obama.

Now that Malia and Sasha Obama have both grown into young women, with the summer-born sisters soon turning 24 and 21, respectively, momma Michelle took a minute to speak on the reality of her forever baby girls having adult dating lives and bringing "grown men" home.

Malia Obama seems to be getting serious with her boyfriend of two years, Rory Farquharson. Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter was recently photographed strolling the Islington neighborhood of London with Farquharson and another couple, and according to Daily Mail reports, spent the Christmas holidays with her beau’s wealthy family, who have a $2.4 million dollar home in […]

The 18-year-old former First Daughter is heading to the Harvard of the Midwest this fall.

The 18-year-old former First Daughter is heading to the Harvard of the Midwest this fall.

Sasha Obama is growing up right in front of our eyes! The youngest daughter of our forever President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama looked absolutely stunning in newly leaked photos of her going to her high school prom. While everyone begins wondering what her date is thinking about taking one of the former First Daughters to […]


Malia Obama, 20, has caused an uproar on social media along with a fury of speculation after photos emerged of her sipping on a bottle of Whispering Angel rosé while she was enjoying a pool party with friends in Miami on Sunday. The haters who are complaining about Malia living her best life are the […]

Malia Obama is in her sophomore year at Harvard University and seems to be enjoying it.

  Malia Obama was spotted strolling around London with her beau, Rory Farquharson, and the couple looked very comfortable with one another. In many of the pics, the two are seen holding hands and even sharing a kiss. As noted by the Daily Mail, Malia rocked a salmon-colored mini dress along with a pair of combat boots. Rory opted for […]

Yes, the First Daughter and the Obama’s firstborn, Malia Ann Obama, is 20 years old today. If you can remember the pretty little girls in the vivid coats who attended their father’s first inauguration in 2009, to the poised teens who took selfies with each other in 2017, to them slowly heading out into the […]

The list of creditors that The Weinstein Company owes money to has been released and along with a slew of celebrities, Malia Obama is mentioned in the 300-page document of folks who want the company to pay up. Some names on the list of creditors are not surprising: Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Dame Judi Dench… all Miramax/Weinstein darlings.  The Blast noted […]