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8/24/16- Roland Martin wants to reassure black folks that Donald Trump is not talking to us in his speeches.

“Donald Trump is talking to white women. He’s trying to tell them, ‘I’m not racist’. He’s been losing support with white men. He doesn’t want to talk to us, he wants to ignore us. He has a “do not talk to” order to us (black media),” Martin said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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110 thoughts on “Roland Martin: ‘Black People Calm Down, Donald Trump Is Not Talking To Us’

  1. Deceitful Donald Trump does not have a clue. He generalize all African American as we all live in bad conditions. Always for convenience he flip flops to get a win. All he’s concerned about is a large % of us getting ahead to move in mostly white(his supporters) neighborhoods.

    D. Trump is full of cow dung. He knows he’s not qualified and his campaign is pulling straws. He will say and make false promises to get votes. He now acts if he can turn things around by saying he has a magic wand, blames others and trying to use reverse psychology. Now wants to pander to minorities and tell false stories to gain votes. He points the finger and hides his hands. He say’s “Latinos have taken jobs from African Americans”. False. Blacks males and Hispanics males do not go for the same job type opportunities, We work in different fields of interest. But he tries to use that silly logic hoping it will stick. If he was so concerned about American Jobs, that was not evident on David Letterman’s show years ago when he was seen showing where his high priced (made overseas ) clothing line was made, Not in the USA that’s for sure.(See the latest Hillary tv ads) He’s such a hypocrite and got exposed.He’s hoping voters will take a gamble like his rigged bankrupt casinos. He running out of people to blame for his empty rhetoric so now like a sore losing cry baby attacks the same media he’s been using to glamorize his radical, fear and womanizing ego. Divisive Donald too late! Smart voters know you are full of hot air and a con artist like most hustling businessmen.

    • darrell on said:


  2. WITHOUT the media…WITHOUT the past contributions…WITHOUT the past experiences…WITHOUT Democrat or Republican…WITHOUT male or female…WITHOUT all those filters..LISTEN…for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of!

  3. “PSA”, Normally I would not be as vocal as I’m about to be. This buffoonery being peddled by this individual, xenophobe (Donald gunk) that does not care for, nor is he concerned about the middle class, the underserved, nor Black, or Hispanic folks! Let’s just be clear, my people this is an insult to our intelligence, not to mention if any of you actually believe for one moment that this buffoon truly cares about whether or not we get jobs, health care or even a seat at the table! I would not vote for him if he was the only person running. His tone is condescending and degrading, and he speaks at us instead of to us! Where are your visits to the inner cities, to those areas that you claim are so disenfranchised? your Not to be trusted! If you can’t even come where we are to attempt to sway us, then you really lost me and the majority of us (Blacks & Hispanic people) with your soon to be infamous quote, “What the hell do you have to lose” Well the rhetorical question should be what do you have to lose…How about this one Donald gunk! My vote, Our Votes! #CLOWN!

  4. I am Black. I am a MAN OF GOD. I am intelligent and know better than to fall for expecting a change if I am following the same footsteps. I was a Democrat my entire life. I am 54 years old now. What I found: 1. Most media is bought and paid for. It is biased in favor of Hilary Clinton. 2. Hilary is the one who is close to the KKK. I will post a link . 3. Mr Trump has figured out how to lift UP our people. 4. Whether he agreed to come to NAACP meeting or not, He is FOR all people. 5. Mr. Trump has NEVER been racist. In fact, he spent over $1 million dollars to allow BLACKS and JEWS in his Prestigious resort. He fought the boards. He Stood UP for our people. Now, I hold a doctorate and I did not get it by running in the streets, crying about what my parents went through, or started a riot. What I did do, is PULLED MYSELF up and hit the books hard. I did not BLAME ANYONE else for my shortcoming, I accepted responsibility for my poor choices. I grew up in the hood with a single mother. I challenge all of you single Brothers to grow up, get a real job, stop destroying your own neighborhoods and everyone elses. Get yourself together. GET SOME SELF CONTROL. If you don’t, it does not matter who hands out what to you, you will NEVER appreciate it and you will NEVER get out of the patterns you have until YOU step up and make a change. I PROUDLY vote for Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Pence. A Solid Business plan is the basis of a successful personal Life. Here is the link I promised you. Now…..Stop the Hate, no one owes you anything. Make a change. Hillary supports KKK

    • Theo , You are so wrong, Hillary is not associated with the Kkk . Trump is a idiot ! And he does not care for people of color. You are educated but so lost! Trump has no filter! Anything comes out of his mouth! And you want that for President ! Really! Are you kidding Me

      • Peggy that’s a KKK that just wrote you and he is not black he is white and stupid to think we are dumb enough not to figure the him out. I rebuke him in the name of Jesus!

      • Those are supremacy groups posing as black. LOL They really think we stupid I can’t wait till November because if the past presidents did not get past 8% in history he must be part of the .1% of blacks who vote republican sad but one thing for sure u can’t fix is stupid!

    • Theo you nailed it: Democrats as well as Sharpton, Jackson, Tom Joyner, us to rail against Strom Thurman never ever mentioning Byrd (former Grand Wizard) I wonder how many young black men Sen. Byrd horse whipped, or black women Sen. Byrd raped in his hey day yet he got praise from those I list above

    • Theo, Divisive Trump as you and a few other Negros fooled.They say “a leopard never changes it’s spots”. If that ‘s true then why think that Trump will change from being a arrogant, radical bully, greedy con-man ,war and fear monger, womanizer, bully and just clueless about politics. To a all out statesman? He is who he is. If you like a guy that says stupid stuff and try to back track after he’s made a fool of himself often then waste your vote on him? He will never be “Presidential” because he’s not. He’s just a loud mouth hate-filled used car salesman that will sell you something wrong knowing he can’t fix a problem or don’t care to and will have you buy his B/S offer “As is” no warranty. As far as “doing for the black community”?” It was his community(R) that has hamstrung and fought any concern and proposal that our current President tried to put forth remember? So don’t be another Donald loving hypocrite. Dump Trump!

  5. That is such a racist statement. What are your choices……think about it. This is the most important election in decades after Obama has totally screwed up our national debt so that our great, great, great grandkids will still be paying for all of his golfing weekends and around the world trips with mama Michelle and the kids. I am not a racist by any stretch of the imagination. My first choice for President was Dr. Ben Carson. Since he endorses Trump, that is good enough for me. Do yourself a favor, just so you won’t regret it later. Listen to what is really going on with Hillary Clinton and the fact that she might be in jail later this year. That is where she belongs after all of her money laundering schemes.

  6. John Devane on said:

    We black people know what the deal is concerning us this country has had it’s share of racist ass white men. we don’t need anymore. an old white men threatened that Obama had only 4 years boy i bet he passed in 2012 as well as 2008, we need to create a wave action effect in this country to ride republican leadership out on the streets to the unemployment lines,

    • Republicans are the reason Blacks were freed from slavery and got the right to vote so if it wasn’t for the republicans Blacks would still be in a horrible spot.

      • That was then, This is now! Most Blacks are. Democrats now. And the majority of us do not want trump! He is an Idiot!

  7. There is a pact between the reps and dems to maintain control and power over the American people for their sakes not ours, Hillary will maintain that pact, she will protect the corruption, greed, lies and deceit that has plagued politicians in Washington for decades, Hillary cannot and can never be trusted. Trump is cleaning house and getting rid of the greed and the using and abusing of America. Vote Hillary and keep the greed and corruption going..

      • Deborah on said:

        Those who think that the Democrats are so supportive of the Black race need to REALLY take a history lesson. Since Roosevelt, the benefits have never been in favor of the Negros, VA benefits, home loans, education etc. Johnson’s Great Society is designed to keep the black people oppressed with housing, food stamps etc. Time to get real people.

    • I’m sorry, did you say Trump is “getting rid of the greed”? Can you explain to us how the greediest most narcissistic person on the planet is doing that? Specifically? Haven’t seen it so far. In fact, he’s actually making money off of his donors, so far 8 Million. Mr. Trump was paying $34,000.00 a month for his space in Trump Tower until it became his campaign headquarters and paid for by the campaign. Now the rent is over 600,000.00/Month. Mr. Trump has been found guilty or settled almost 400 law suits for cheating his contractors. No greed there huh? So please, enlighten us Sir!

  8. The blacks in big cities have been on the plantation for over 60 years now…….how have their lives gotten better??? Well we all know the answer to that. President Johnson had it right…..I’ll have them voting for us for 100 years!!!

  9. Kathleen on said:

    So I guess by a lot of these comments, once again you are being duped and lied to by democrats. When are you going to learn they have you right where they want you? They have done NOTHING for your race or communities. Trump is not a racist. Tell me word for word from his mouth exactly what he has said that is racist. Please don’t repeat the left wing rhetoric of their twisting and spinning. Open your eyes and your minds. Quit believing the liberal BS. They are the reason for the anger because that’s all they spew is hate and anger. Hypocrites everyone of them. Stop listening to the lies! I know plenty of black people that love Trump. Why is that? He has a lot of black supporters. These are the people that see through the left BS. Wake up!

    • Jordan on said:

      Great response Kathleen you said it all! If Hitler was to resurect and become the democratic candidate some black people will still follow him because they don’t think for themself… they always have to follow these so called negro leaders who decide to speak for them. I aint listening to ya’ll. I can think for myself and take my own decision. Therefore stop telling us what Donald trump is saying or is not saying when he speaks… I’m black democrat and I am voting all the way for our next POTUS Donald Trump.

      • Stacie Rodriguez on said:

        Well to the Trump train. I am so glad that you see the danger the democrats are putting our family’s in. Go Trump

      • jcunningham on said:

        People don’t realize, they only vote in the presidential electr, they forget about the local and state elections too, the things that president Obama was trying to pass didn’t go the dye to the Republican too. You can vote who you want to, that’s your business, trump for me he has no clue, and neither do you.

      • You got it twisted poor white trailer park trash that’s been voting republican seem to be in shackles. Whites have denounce this racist as they put Obama in the house two time and will be putting Hillary in along with blacks!

    • Jagrock on said:

      I don’t understand what you people are thinking. I am a black immigrant and I do not fit any of what he said. I came here and I am proud of my achievements and my family, yes live the American Dream. Yes I am a democrat because I Beleive in their principles. Black American need to stop looking for hands out from government and work hard to achieve. It’s not the DNC why crime in high in some communities or why unemployment is high. Go get a trade or education and make urself marketable. For sure Trump CANNOT AND WILL NOT HELP US.


    • Brenda on said:

      I ask, who has benefited the most from the current administration? The LGBT! Not blacks! He has gutted the military, increased health care costs, lied about the job market, made deals with Iran, etc. I saw him with Dr.
      King’s bible then he made a speech to LGBT by starting out saying “All we need is some evanglists to mess things up.” Yet we as black people still believe!!

    • Kevin B on said:

      Donald is dumb…but you have to be a special type of stupid to be his follower.

      Ben Carson and Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman are his only black supporters.

    • 1975: settled a case of discrimination in housing. 2015: Mexico is sending us rapists and murderers. 2016: A federal judge can’t judge a case because he’s Mexican.

      Let us not also forget that he’s incited violence at his rallies, has no idea about foreign policies, has continually exaggerated, and bullied, treats women like chattel, is a pathological liar, a draft dodging coward. In addition, he has a history of stiffing vendors, small businesses and workers. In other words, he’s an utter asshole.

  10. Roland is right..Trumps isn’t speaking to Blacks because the majority of s are IGNORING HIM,. We’ve already decided , most of us that we are not voting for him. He’ is talking to WHITE WOMEN because a lot of them between the ages of 18-35 are having or have had babies for BLACK MEN.

    • Sooo all the black teens and young women are having “out of wedlock” babies for
      the Democratic welfare and poverty programs which only perpetuate dependence on government and stifle prosperity.

      • Remember when Sarah Palin made being an unwed white teenager was pregnant? Remember how it came out that she let the boy sleep with her daughter under the same roof. Now you want to quote unwed pregnancy? No party has done anything for the black people. Up until 1970 regardless of the party the constitution didn’t apply to minorities or women. And the role over last 100 years for democrats and republicans has changed. Reagan nor Bush did nothing for minorities. Period and each time the economy gets bailed out its by a democrat. 43 Presidents before now did not care about blacks. If so explain to me which decade.

      • I’ll take the last first “Dem’s have always fixed the economy” well you mention Reagan
        But not how his landslide win over Carter allowed him to reverse the devastated economy under Carter. I’m not sure about all your Palin claims but I would say she’s sure in a much better financial situation than under age inner city girls. You said it yourself “no party has done anything for minorities” which includes Clinton and Obama as well

      • John Devane on said:

        down with trump. republicans had abolished welfare for all blacks now all I see are white girls with babies now None of them want you to have a decent job or life that’s why they are 100% behind killer cops

  11. Just another idiot who is trying to be like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, are you going to leave the Country when TRUMP BECOMES PRESIDENT? I sure hope so, pack your bags make sure you fly out with the rest of the idiots. Smh. Maybe I should start a white lives matter movement and see how fast you think I am a racist, which I am far from it,

    • Lisa, as a rule ppl who are not racists do not have to proclaim that they aren’t because it is clear by their actions and conversations. Mr. hasn’t even won and you are already encouraging blacks to leave their country – a country mostly built by their enslaved ancestors. Just in case there is any doubt, that is racist!

    • Tony Bernard on said:

      First Hillary is going to Win by landslides are u going to pack your bags?????? You see ignorance is bliss and everyone has thier dedicated party but if Trump was running as Democratic we would vote replublican that’s where we are different you see a bigot and still support him. Interesting that high power republican in the party put thier support behind Hillary but you poor trailer park trash uneducated whites on welfare will rather die then vote democratic because irregardless to what they say as blacks history prove we do better with a democratic presidency and congress then rebublicans. Trump is in debt and want to be able to off this by doing favors for countries he’s indepth to sorry we are not paying for it Trump!

    • Lisa: No one thinks you’re racist. However, moron would be more appropriate. Hang in there princess, as your coward, draft-dodging narcissist hero will go down in utter defeat.

  12. Tony the Hispanic needs to know that in 1968 Nixon got the old Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats) to switch sides and become Republicans. That has been the base of the Republican party ever since. And guess what? All that white supremacist belief never went away. It just switched political parties. Tony probably knew that all along, but wanted to disguise the truth in a typically Republican manner.

    • Actually I’d say George Wallice (D) Gov AL who ran for POTUS in 1968 under the Segregationist party against Nixon/Humphrey, had more to do with it . Humphrey had been the main champion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the Senate; Nixon, while no civil rights activist, rejected an overtly racist platform. Feeling abandoned by both parties, Southern white racists flocked to Wallace’s cause, winning him the Deep South states of Ark., La., Miss. Ala. and Ga
      Nixon exploited this to gain Republican membership and support in the South
      Using wedge issues like Affirmative Action and Equal Employment, Remember Affirmative Action ,ERA, and School Integration were products of Nixon administration

    • That’s what your kids do not ours blacks were raised by strong hands with God and as long as we keep doing what we are doing we will stay cover with the blood of Jesus racist old white fools! Die out and we want have this problem because to be honest to the thanks of young white women we are a majority that has done weill under Bill Clinton, Obama, and it keep rolloing on again slit both your wrist and go to hell!

  13. Roland sit down, you Tom are friends of the Clintons. Your childish them that Trump is not talking to black is bull. He is talking yo blacks and we as blacks have right to listen. You know where you next meal is coming from. In fact it wouldn’t hurt you to push it aside and giveit to someone else.

  14. Donald Trump is really not THAT stupid – he knows not to come on the Roland Martin show or talk to the Tom Joyner radio show because he knows that RM & TJ will not only address his racist remarks but his true intent!!! When he says to black folks “What in the hell do you have to lose?” – I say a whole lot more than just our economic situation but our overall freedom. “We the people” do not exist in Donald Trump’s world (trust me)

  15. Diantha on said:

    As an educated white woman, I think you hit the nail on the head, Roland. When he placed a skinny white woman in the theoretical Number One position in his campaign I thought, He’s coming after us now. And when he started aiming his racism-tainted remarks toward inner cities (where all Black people live, right?), I thought, Oh ho! Trying to kill two birds with one stone. What a snake!

    • Yes Diantha, we all believe you an educated white woman. NOT. You want to be a white woman with your blonde weave we know, now get to steppin’

      • Dwight on said:

        It would appear to me that Larry here is more upset that an early indication shows that his candidate Trump will lose, so he starts the name calling. Couldn’t keep the sheet over your racist ass any longer – uh! So atypical. BTW, I am a black guy with a decent paying job who doesn’t receive government handouts 👏👏👏

  16. Do we want jobs and economic motivation in this country?? Or do we want to continue seeing our people a slave to the State sponsored welfare system?
    If we really want change, not fake Obama change, then vote Trump. It’s pretty dam simple. Otherwise you favor welfare slavery. I understand it, your momma, did it, her mother, etc… and you aren’t strong enough to break the chain.
    Strong black queens indeed. Show me just one, just one. Ratchet azz, hair hatted hooligans are they be.

  17. What the hell do you have to lose?, Trump asked.
    For black folk let us start with your dignity.
    Your self-respect.
    Your self /identity.
    Your pride.
    Your self-esteem.

    • What about free hand-outs? To most, and they ain’t hard to spot on here, self respect, identity, pride, esteem….all were sold to Daddy Government for enslaving them to welfare, EBT, Affirmative Action. We no longer know the fulfillment of earning and accomplishing on our own merits.
      And they have the nerve to call Republican supporters sell-outs. Pathetic

  18. Racist much?

    This is why America can’t heal…
    This is why blacks are stereotyped…
    This is what Mr. Washington, Booker T. was talking about.

    If you spent this much energy reaching out instead of lashing out we might actually be able to stop this racist crap.

    Stop stereotyping yourself, stop being racist.

    • Following the liberal script to a T Calvin. If you don’t like what people are saying, call it racist. It’s the damn truth Calvin. I ain’t saying it’s 100%b of blacks, but it’s damn sure more than not. Look at the moral decay of our democratic led inner cities. We need systemic change, and it’s not a Clinton. Please, please Calvin reflect on this. Don’t just regurgitate what you’ve been told to say.

      • You seem the one following typical stereotypes Larry….try not to insult the intelligence of black folks by castigating all of us in the free handout category…if that’s the case all whites are the typical Dylan Roofs, Timothy McVeigh personalities. Give me a break with your “you care” about the needs of black folks. FYI you might want to look at your facts again since white individuals account for 62% of government assistance my friend.

      • Mike, I didn’t say everyone. But if you want statistics, I’ll give you accurate ones, not the made up 62% you just grabbed. Black households on welfare assistance 54.6%, white households are 23.1%

      • Mike, the Scholar takes no pride in brow beating you, I want the critical issues affecting our Peeps to come to the forefront of the conversation, and it ain’t the white boogey man that is causing our problems.
        -Holla’ back

  19. shirley on said:

    CF black people and Hispanic people listen to what they’re saying Trump don’t have to come to our community we can watch him on television. They hear and see me saying.What do you have to lose I cannot said it any plain than that

  20. He reminds me of the whites doing the slave capture. You have spears and we have guns..we have everything you need COME work for us and build “What do you have to lose” Stop pretending you so concern about our issues when you can’t stand to be in our Present or us in your present. Talk is cheap and your Actions and is enough for me to know your heart and what’s in your head and it not Black or Hispanic America. He already saying if he lose he would take a long Vacation. Actions show me talk like that you are ALREADY A Loser.

      • Re:Obama Phones…The president has no direct impact on the program, and one could hardly call these devices “Obama Phones,” This specific program, SafeLink, started under President George Bush, with grants from an independent company created under President Bill Clinton, which was a legacy of an act passed under President Franklin Roosevelt, which was influenced by an agreement reached between telecommunications companies and the administration of President Woodrow Wilson.

        Wilson Phones, anyone?

        BTW no taxpayer money pays for these services, you know that little fee you see on your cell phone bill regarding universal service fee.

        Don’t let facts get in the way of your ideology Larry.

  21. Bucksfan on said:

    The leaders of the KKK think Donald Trump is going to “Make America Great again.” Do we as black folks need to know anything else? NOT ME!!!

    • KKK has always and today is Democratic organization, read your history, I do, I’m hispanic, From 1867 onward, African-American participation in public life in the South became one of the most radical aspects of Reconstruction, as blacks won election to southern state governments and even to the U.S. Congress. For its part, the Ku Klux Klan dedicated itself to an underground campaign of violence against Republican leaders and voters (both black and white) in an effort to reverse the policies of Radical Reconstruction and restore white supremacy in the South. They were joined in this struggle by similar organizations such as the Knights of the White Camelia (launched in Louisiana in 1867) and the White Brotherhood. At least 10 percent of the black legislators elected during the 1867-1868 constitutional conventions became victims of violence during Reconstruction, including seven who were killed. White Republicans (derided as “carpetbaggers” and “scalawags”) and black institutions such as schools and churches—symbols of black autonomy—were also targets for Klan attacks.

      • Da King on said:

        KKK is not a democratic organization nor republican organization but a White organization. Enou said.

      • Lakersbaby77 on said:

        I would say to keep reading then. The KKK did start out as Democrats because they were mad at Lincoln who was a republican. Then they became the Dixiecrats, then around 1964 the Dixiecrats and right leaning democrats left and joined the republicans because they weren’t happy with the left leaning attitudes of the current democrats. You know, fighting for equality for POC.

        If you believe that the KKK is still democrat, then I ask you to look who they endorse and look at what they claim to be. Christian republicans. None of them are democrats.

  22. Dphanord on said:

    OMG, THAT Donald Trump is full of Hot air, not sure where he gets his info, but that man continues to make a mockery of himself, if we are inviting him to our shows it really means we are considering him as future President, the man is a joke, let’s be real

  23. Briggs Anderson on said:

    He likes the uneducated, so I will take my well educated registered voting… to vote for Hillary. Trump has expired us but if he blast Mexican. I know we are in trouble!

  24. Who elected Roland Martin as “the new Moses” of the black community?
    to lead/keep us on the right path, as if to say what we’ve had a glorious and prosperous 8 years

    • Briggs Anderson on said:

      We have had 43 presidents so you think that 44 was so bad. Many of some of the early one had slaves and thought we were property.we could not vote!

      • Yes some Presidents did own slaves (never a Republican) which like cocaine, opium, children smoking and prostitution was legal waaaaaaaaaay back then, it’s not that I think 44 was so bad what makes you think Hilary is so good? Yet today another headline of donors getting exclusive access to the then Secretary of State

    • A Good Catholic Girl on said:

      Your question is irrelevant. Roland Martin has been involved for many many years. His analysis made damn good sense. I watched Trump’s rally in Michigan when he had that insulting statement about “what in the hell do you have to lose?” After Mr. Martin explained, I certainly understand that he was not talking to us. And Martin used the impeccable Barbara Jordan as a resource. Say no more!

    • A Good Catholic Girl on said:

      A Good Catholic Girl on August 24, 2016 at 12:53 pm said:
      Your question is irrelevant. Roland Martin has been involved for many many years. His analysis made damn good sense. I watched Trump’s rally in Michigan when he had that insulting statement about “what in the hell do you have to lose?” After Mr. Martin explained, I certainly understand that he was not talking to us. And Martin used the impeccable Barbara Jordan as a resource. Say no more!

      • Your analysis is irrelevant every 4 years I hear the same rhetoric from supposedly those in a position to know based on “many many years of involvement” only to find it based on their own ideology, you find Trumps question insulting maybe you need to be more insulted by the reality of what hasn’t been gained

  25. specialt757 on said:

    It just might be something to what you said Roland. We already knew he wasn’t talking to us (black folk), but just not sure who exactly. The looks on his audience’s faces were of complete and utter confusion.
    Use your one vote wisely folks, don’t be fooled.

  26. F Chump!!!!

    He had the opportunity to address our community when the NAACP invited him and his ass REFUSED.

    True, he is not SPEAKING TO US-BUT AT US–which is why he is doing this in front of 99.999%
    White audiences.

    Just get out and VOTE in November to keep this RACIST POS out of the White House!!!!!!!!

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