We want to scream Beyoncé’s “Formation” lyrics at the top of our lungs, too.

An Atlanta man was arrested last week at Lenox Mall for singing Beyoncé’s “Formation” too loudly. Apparently, mall cops asked the man to tone it down, but he responded by singing the Queen louder.

In the video, you can see police following and ultimately arresting a man repeatedly singing, “If he f*ck me good, I’ll take his ass to Red Lobster.”

The Atlanta Police Department released a statement to NME explaining why the man was arrested:

“The subject in the video seen singing loudly was detained briefly to avoid any further disturbances. Once he was relocated to the security office he advised that he was a psychiatric patient and had not taken his medication. The officer on scene asked the subject if he wanted medical attention and he advised that he did and was very appreciative. There were no charges filed, however the subject received a Criminal Trespass warning from security at Lenox Mall stating that he could not return to the location.”

Watch the entertaining encounter above.



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