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  Women can do some funny stuff during sex but won’t talk about it for fear of embarrassment. DL goes through the top ten funny things women do during sex but won’t say out loud. Ladies, do you do any of these? Don’t Miss Out! Follow The D.L. Hughley Show on Twitter and Instagram & Keep Up On Facebook Too!

Monica posted her own freestyle while Missy Elliott played the background as producer and hype man.

Gone Viral!

OK officers, now let's get in formation.

8/12/16- Looks like Delta needed white IT on the job ever since their big outage this week. Find out what the TJMS had to say when you click the link above.

Gone Viral!

Even R. Kelly needs ID. The R&B singer may be known across the world, but at Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand in Jacksonville, FL, he had to prove his identity by singing for the crowd. In a hilarious video that surfaced on YouTube, a drunk, shirtless man appears unconvinced that singer is in fact who he said he […]

An Atlanta man was arrested last week at Lenox Mall for singing Beyoncé's "Formation" too loudly.

J. Cole is waking up to some very good news. Too bad he's married.

Can you imagine how empowered Hillary Clinton would've been if Beyonce's 'Lemonade' was around in 1998?

Prince was basically exploding with talent. But did you know his expertise went beyond music and fashion?

North West the diva gets sassy in her Auntie Koko's dubbed video

The "Late Late Show with James Corden" has returned with a brand new hilarious episode of "Carpool Karaoke" featuring mega star Adele.