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“African-Americans want jobs” Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the reality-television-star-turned-presumptive-Republican presidential nominee, has barely mentioned Black people during his bizarre 11-month bid for the White House.

But on Tuesday, after Trump won Indiana and forced his main rival, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, to drop out of the race, Trump uttered these words: “African-Americans want jobs.” He listed African-Americans with Latinos, who, Trump said, wants jobs, too.

I can’t recall too many times when Trump has mentioned African-Americans during his rambling speeches at raucous rallies. He doesn’t talk much about civil rights, or voting rights, or criminal justice reform, or police misconduct, or affordable housing, or racial discrimination.

And he probably won’t talk much about these critical issues during the next six months leading up to the November election, likely against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

So when Trump talks loudly using his signature refrain — “Let’s make America great again,” where are African-Americans and Hispanics in Trump’s grand vision for the country?

Trump has called Mexicans “rapists,” a Black man was kicked, punched and called the N-word by racist Whites at a Trump rally last year, and Trump proudly boasts that he can do more for Black folks than President Barack Obama.

He was accused of making racial slurs against Black people in book written in 1991 by John R. O’Donnell, former president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, called Trumped!

In the book, O’Donnell wrote that Trump once said, in reference to a Black accountant at Trump Plaza, “Laziness is a trait in Blacks.” He also said: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

And in 1989, after the rape of a White female jogger in Central Park, Trump took out full-page newspaper ads in four New York newspapers calling for the death penalty for the African-American teenage suspects — who were all exonerated. Trump’s actions infuriated New York’s Black community.

Last year, Trump said his plans to improve the economy is why he is leading in the polls with black voters.

“I lead with almost every group, including with the African-American groups,” Trump told reporters at an event in Greenville, South Carolina. “I have tremendous support.”

I couldn’t find a single poll that suggests that is true. Quinnipiac University said Trump is polling poorly with Black Americans. His biggest public Black supporter is former Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault and actress Stacey Dash, but they can only vote once.

Trump still needs about 200 delegates to formally secure the nomination, but Cruz’s decision to end his campaign removed his last major obstacle.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton leads Trump by double digits in a new CNN poll.

Clinton earns 54 percent support while Trump has 41 percent. Trump is tied with Clinton among men but trailing her among women by 26 percentage points. He leads whites by 9 points, but trails nonwhites by a whopping 67 points. He also trails among independents by 11 points.

Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she thinks Trump is unworthy of the office.

“I’ve seen the presidency up close from two different perspectives, and I think I know what it takes, and I don’t think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like Donald Trump running our country. Donald Trump has said it’s okay for other countries to get nuclear weapons. I think that’s just downright dangerous. He has said wages are too high. I think we need to have a raise for the American people, raise the minimum wage, get wages back going up. I think when he says women should be punished for having abortions, that is just beyond anything that I can imagine, I think most women can imagine.”

So is there a possibility that Trump could occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in January? Sure.

In the meantime, Trump, the billionaire real estate magnet, will rely on a predominantly white electorate to propel him into the White House because most African-Americans will likely vote for Clinton.

Do Black folks want jobs? Yes. Is Trump overly concerned about it? Probably not.

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12 thoughts on “Can Donald Trump Win The White House Without Black Support?

  1. demp109 on said:

    I wouldn’t want him to represent the US when negotiating with N. Korea, Syria, Russia. Any one of them could goad him into a piss contest. He is not even tempered enough to have a long term strategy aimed at protecting the US and our allies. Hillary has been around the world several times over, has been in the situation room, is the wife of a former president, etc. While I don’t agree with everything she says or does, she is more than qualified to become the next president of the united states on day one.

  2. October 1 on said:

    @CryingInWind. I too am leaning toward Trump. There is something about Hillary that does not sit well with me. At least with him you know what you’re getting. But her, just don’t know.

  3. M. Thorne on said:

    Unfortunately, this article is misleading because Trump actually retweeted an article stating black people were killing white people in disproportionate numbers. Which was later traced to a racist group that currently support Trump and of course isn’t true. Donal Trump has revealed who he really is…believe him.

  4. CryingInWind on said:

    @Linda i MUST be that stupid BlacK folks you are talking about….i will vote for Trump any day over the lying i will say anything and smile in your face while taking Wall Street money Hillary Clinton. Trump is being made out to be the boogie man…isn’t funny when you hear people comparing Trump to Hilter when that don’t work racist or womanizer or homosexual. The Republican & some Super Pac on Dem side did the same to President Obama in the run-up to the 2008 election. The powers to be are doing everything to ensure they hold onto power at all cost. Blacks have been voting majority of time Democrats and what have been the out come in all these years…nothing. Don’t get me wrong the Republican aren’t any better, Black should of broke from both parties long ago and formed or joined the Independent Party and vote what’s in the best interest of America and blue collar workers just like MLK was starting BEFORE he got assassinated. This brings me back to which candidate Hill???or Trump??? communicate a Nationalist agenda. I will give you Hint one is a Globalist and one is a Nationalist those are the two choices that is before the American people. Out of the two which one do you think the majority of American going to fare well with? This is the Choice America has is being confronted with. I Believe something more sinister is in play and should Trump become the president all Hell will break loose. The End GAME is to destroy America as we know it to be….AS people THE MAJORITY OF American have been taught to put their faith in Christ…..this is being eroded daily to now it’s a bad thing to openly live your faith in a Country that was founded on Judea Christian principle with all its faults. AS Black’s they have shared the heavy hand of America’s many faults yet Blacks press on.

  5. L.M. Adams on said:

    Donald trump has absolutely no interest whatsoever in the black community. His supporters are angry whites and racists who believe the POTUS has no place in the White House and they want it back in spades (pardon the pun). I believe if he’s elected it would be reminiscent of WWII Germany with him as the new Fuhrer and anybody who doesn’t look like him would be eliminated in much the same manner as the Jews were. He’s not worthy of being dog catcher let alone POTUS.

  6. Amber on said:

    Yes, he can win without black support. Whites are still the majority and they come out and vote more than blacks. Sad but true. Even with President Obama with the majority of blacks vote, President Obama still needed a certain amount of non black voters.

  7. Derek B. on said:

    Unlike the Clintons, Mr. Trump is a businessman. It would be interesting to find out what percentage of his workforce is Black or Latin, OTHER THAN the maids, janitors, or servants. That would tell it all.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Mr Trump is a “business man” who has bankrupted numerous companies & sent jobs over seas but wants to decry the others that did the exact same thing he did

      • ButterPecan on said:

        Exactly! Thanks for that comment. I thought I was the only one with this perspective!

    • Lawrence on said:

      What exactly would it tell? To run a successful private enterprise, selecting qualified, college educated, solidly grounded employees raised with morals by 2 parents, is a bad thing??
      If the majority of candidates that fit the bill are white and Asian, then so be it. Do something about it other than complain.

  8. Linda on said:

    Some stupid Black folks will no doubt vote for dumb Trump!!!!

    However, with the amount of angry White supporters Trump has–he can win just with them!!!!!!!

    • Lawrence on said:

      Everyone that doesn’t think like you is stupid? Again, proving you are the BAW resident idiot Linda. Get to steppin’ fore I smack that gacky azz weave off your head.

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