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While Stephen Curry continues running things on the basketball court, his wife Ayesha is making waves of her own with sharing recipes and her family life experiences on her website, YouTube channel and upcoming cookbook.

And the Food Network has taken notice.

On Thursday, the channel announced it would add Ayesha Curry to its roster of celebrity chefs with her own series, San Jose Mercury News reports. At this time, there is no premiere date for the show, tentatively titled “At Home With Ayesha.”

As word of Ayesha Curry’s Food Network venture spread, Twitter lit up Thursday night and Friday morning with comments for and against Curry, whose Twitter profile proclaims herself a “believer, wife, mommy and living in my indestructible bubble of happiness.”

Among the posts, were a slew of memes and jokes, some of which showed photos of Ayesha in the kitchen, with captions presenting her as saying sexually suggestive things or voicing views that are condescending to other women.

“Ayesha Curry is currently being roasted via twitter,” posted @faithfulblack man Friday morning.

“Twitter has given Ayesha Curry a persona she didn’t really ask for and so many feeding in to it,” wrote some users.

@Tommyguns asked “Why black women hate Ayesha curry? All she does is be faithful in a relationship….oh I see why y’all mad.”

In the eyes of another user Ayesha is “a patriarchy princess.” The comment resulted in a response from @DarkSkinnBeauty , who said:

“It’s not that Ayesha Curry is hated, she’s just the stereotype of ‘what a woman should be’ mold we’re trying to break.”

News and comments regarding Curry’s show comes amid a week that found social media users pitting her unwittingly against Oakland R&B singer Kehlani. In his Daily Beast commentary earlier this week, “How Ayesha Curry and Kehlani Became Internet Misogynists New Obsession,” writer Stereo Williams addressed the situation as Mercury News found Ayesha and Kehlani to represent different sides of

For Williams, Curry has become “the poster child for a sort of idealized, new age Stepford wife.”

Ayesha Curry last drew headlines back in December, when she voiced her opposition toward the popular trend of women and girls showing lots of skin in attempt to illustrate their empowerment with showing how “hot” they are.

“Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style,” Ayesha tweeted. “I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.” Once again, some men chimed in to say they admired Mrs. Curry’s class, while some women took offense, wondering if she was lecturing them from her perch as the mate of an NBA superstar.

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