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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Rapper 50 Cent is expected in a Connecticut courtroom to explain photos of him with piles of cash to the judge in his bankruptcy case.

The hearing is set for Wednesday afternoon in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford.

Judge Ann Nevins ordered 50 Cent to court to explain several Instagram photos, including one of him next to piles of cash arranged to spell “broke.” The U.S. trustee’s office is asking Nevins to appoint an examiner to review the rapper’s assets.

50 Cent says the stacks of cash aren’t real and he isn’t hiding any assets.

50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson III, filed for bankruptcy last year after a New York City jury ordered him to pay $7 million to a woman who said he posted her sex tape online.

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(Photo Source: 50 Cent Instagram)

9 thoughts on “50 Cent Expected in Bankruptcy Court to Explain Cash Piles

  1. Kimboo on said:

    Or maybe he should just… GO AWAY, and grow the hell up! Damn, maybe Vivica was right about trying to turn him out… Since they split and have gone their separate ways, he’s been doing dumb sh@t in the media. And N-word, you still have a pending court case, are you mad?

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Man what I hate most is when all bills are not facing the same direction…smh
    Is this fake money for real? I’m I know Curtis is not known for his intelligence, but I really hope he is not this dumb.

    • bunchesofos on said:

      No he’s not crazy or stupid . he knows exactly what he’s doing. If you’ve followed him over the years you know he’s he’s an arrogant s.o.b and he’ll tell the world he’s broke. I’ve seen his IG posts in the past where he’s one of the few celebs who will go in on you if you leave a comment he doesn’t like. He’s thumbing his nose at the victim but it may backfire.

    • bunchesofos on said:

      If you really look you can see dominations of other bills besides $1 bills. That is real $ and what he’s doing is poking fun at the woman and the system . Everybody knows he may be simple at times but not simple enough to go broke. He doesn’t wanna pay that $7 mill . that’s all it comes down to. Ask yourself , who would take the time out to put together all that fake $$ just to throw it around. Come on now .

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