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Child advocacy groups demanded reform of Baltimore public school police policies as city police conducted a criminal investigation Thursday into a cellphone video showing an officer slapping and kicking a young man inside a school.

The male officer, identified by his lawyer as 44-year-old Anthony C. Spence, as well as a female officer shown standing by in the eight-second clip and Baltimore School Police Chief Marshall Goodwin have all been placed on paid administrative leave pending internal and external investigations into the Tuesday incident at REACH Partnership School.

Baltimore is the only Maryland city whose school district has its own police force, separate from municipal police. The school system asked city police to conduct a criminal investigation, which city police Lt. Jarron Jackson said was in the early stages Thursday.

Attorney Mike Davey told The Baltimore Sun that client Spence thought the boy was trespassing on school grounds and questioned him. Davey said he could not go into specifics because of the ongoing investigation.

According to the Sun, Spence was fired by the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office in 2003 after he and another deputy Tasered a man they mistook for a bank robber. Maryland court records also show that a protective order was filed against Spence in a 2011 domestic violence case.

The video illustrates deep-seated problems requiring systemic reform, said the Maryland Coalition to Reform School Discipline, a group that includes the American Civil Liberties Union, the Maryland NAACP and the state public defender’s office. There have been several incidents of school police using unwarranted force against students, spokesman Evan Serpick said in a statement.

The lack of outside oversight is unacceptable and potentially dangerous, Serpick said.

“The Baltimore city community needs to have a serious conversation about whether police belong in schools at all,” he said. “If police are going to be in our schools, they must be a positive, supportive force that creates safer environments for our children.”

At least two mayoral candidates also weighed in. One of them, Democratic civil-rights activist DeRay Mckesson, said in a statement that the officer who hit the youth should be fired.

State Sen. Catherine Pugh, who is also running for the Democratic nomination, called in a statement for a thorough and transparent investigation of the incident.

It’s not clear what led up to the encounter, or what happened after the camera stopped recording. Jackson said the video would not be released immediately because it is part of the investigation.

When The Associated Press attempted to contact Spence by phone, the person who answered hung up.

Acting Baltimore School Police Chief Akil Hamm said officers were called to the school for a report of intruders on campus. He said the youth was not a student at REACH, but the young man’s lawyer, Lauren Geisser, said he is a 10th-grader listed on the school’s enrollment roster.

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16 thoughts on “Baltimore School Police Officers On Leave After Video Of Beating Surfaces [VIDEO]

  1. Larry on said:

    Trespass on school grounds during hours and you risk getting a beat down. Anyone support strangers roaming the halls at their children’s school? This thug was NOT a student.

  2. If the video is true, they should both be charged with assault. However, if that were my child, it really wouldn’t matter what what actions were taken by the police.

  3. Black Jack on said:

    Lindalojo101 is the dummy for the day. No one deserves that. I hope you, your mom a, daddy, kids, and whoever else is close to you get murdered by one of these pigs.

  4. What in the hell is the problem with us as a society today???????????? THE BEATING HE TOOK WAS FOR A REASON. And also that beating could have saved his life or saved him from being incarcerated. Leave the officer alone. He did what was needed. Don’t jump before you have all the facts, “Black Lives Matter” people.

  5. Administrative leave. I don’t believe it. This officer along with the female officer should both be facing criminal charges. Assult and battery and any other felony charge available. Regardless of what this child said prior to video, this was not necessary . Their actions were unforgivable. An investigation is not necessary. We saw the brutality of what happened.


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  7. Doris on said:

    The parents need to file charges against the policeman. If parents did something like that to their child, they would be charged with child abuse. If someone was beating my child about the head like that, I would take them to the ER to have them checked out. The boy could have a concussion.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Drj if that question was for me, my comment wasn’t in response to this article but in response to Nancy’s below, police officer’s presence in our schools. Actually your comments mirrored my comments from yesterday we are on the same page as far as the officer’s conduct and his punishment.

  8. they should not just be on leave , they should be fired !! there was no reason for him to do him like that at all , I shudder to think what would have happened if is had been on the street or in a dark place where it was just them !! he was out of line for what he did and he ass should be fired , and charges of child abuse and what ever else they can come up with need to be filed , I got chills just watching that . if it was the parent , they would be in jail. so what makes them different , the badge .

  9. Nancy Cruz on said:

    Cop has some serious issues, that was horrible.

    It is a shame that we need so many cops in schools now. Walk into a school now and it is not unusual to have 2-4 patrolling around at all times

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