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Roland Martin talks to Eddie S. Glaude Jr. about his new book Democracy in Black: How Race Still Governs the American Soul, Donald Trump, the current black leadership’s ineffectiveness, and what he thinks the black community needs to do in the presidential election.

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7 thoughts on “Eddie S. Glaude Jr. Explains the Blank-out Campaign, Calls Out Trump’s Bigotry

  1. To me the Democratic party doesn’t seem to be fired up. People better wake up….maybe they will be as it gets closer to the Presidential election; but people should also vote in their primaries. As for Trump; I’m NOT A RUBIO FAN; but in my opinion he’s telling the truth….Trump is a con artist, and mostly leans liberal. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing as it relates to his run for President. I constantly SMDH at Trump supporters. They are living a pipe dream

  2. Timekeeeper on said:

    You can disclaim all you want. The man ( Trump) says he has no idea who the KKK is? The original terrorist organization! Are you kidding me. That statement alone ought to disqualify him from holding any public office.. If anyone can defend that idiocy and liei it just underscores their own latent bigotry and need to further expose his ( and his supporters, active or otherwise to their deep rooted ignorance they have themselves.

  3. In 2008 then presidential candidate, Barack Obama got called on the carpet for his association with Minister Jeremiah Wright.

    It is now time to hold dumb Trump’s ass to the fire regarding his close association with the KKK, David Dukes and other White Supremacist’s organizations.

    Trump is feeding into the xenophobia/haters in this country by courting them as supporters!!!!!!!

    • Nancy Cruz on said:

      @Linda … There is nothing in Donald Trumps past were he has associated with such hate groups. Truly I do not know where you come up with stuff. His history has always strongly leaned socially liberal. In the millions of projects he has done in his business’s he has never had any discrimination
      +++ Disclaimer, I am not a Trump supporter at all, but false information about candidates to induce the worse of perceptions easily fools most people.

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        Nancy Crude, you are a pathetic, un-researched, unmitigated, damnable LIAR! Trump and his daddy were both sued not once, but twice for housing discrimination against Blacks.

  4. “..he thinks the black community needs to do in the presidential election.”
    The black community first needs to fix their local neighborhoods and their cities. It doesn’t matter who becomes the next POTUS. Black communities continue to elect democrats in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, Camden, St. Louis for over 50 years. Now is the time for real change.

    • Chris: So EXACTLY what change are you suggesting? Are you suggesting that Black people vote Republican (vote for Trump)? I don’t know….I’m just asking. For the record….I think people should vote for whomever they’d like; Republican, Democratic, or Independent (just so you know I’m not suggesting all black people should vote Democratic). Black people should vote for their best interest. As for Chicago, B-More, Detroit, etc. maybe local politicians aren’t doing enough. Personally I think the whole thing of politics isn’t as simple as some of us want it to be. For example bringing jobs to an area isn’t as easy as it may sound. Times have changed….and no matter who is in a political position…..the jobs situation overall will never be the same. Not all….but a lot of jobs for the average person is in low paying service jobs….TECHNOLOOGY HAS TAKEN AWAY A LOT OF JOBS, and those jobs are never coming back. Politicians aren’t going to say that out loud.

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