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Here we go again.

In Texas, a naked 17-year-old boy has been shot and killed by an Austin Police officer.

David Joseph has been identified as the naked teen who was shot and killed by an Austin police officer.

The incident happened when officers were called because of reports of a suspicious Black male in the area. According to Austin police Chief of Staff, Brian Manley, the officer who shot the youngster says the teenager disobeyed orders and proceeded to charge at him.

And of course the shooting took place away from the cruiser’s dash cam, so there wasn’t clear evidence to tell if the teen was armed or even if the officer used a taser before the fatal shot.

Austin NAACP President, Nelson Linder, suspects the shooting death to be illegal.

“We see a rush to judgment and as a result, somebody is dead. Normally it’s always somebody black, in this city and this country,” Linder told KDFW/Fox 4 news. “I don’t see how a young man who’s naked, and not hurting anybody, winds up being dead. When in reality, those things require constraint and understanding, as opposed to deadly force.”

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40 thoughts on “Naked, Unarmed Teen Killed By Police In Austin, Texas [VIDEO]

  1. Honestly on said:

    Another Nubian child killed by these savages with badges. Mean while the cave n!@@er with affluenza is treated with care and concern after killing 4 people.

    • Morals and values on said:

      Evon it still doesn’t matter. Once black is in the headline its all over. The cop have to be accountable for his actions but not the dead teen running around naked even though his actions got him killed. Of course I’m being sarcastic.

  2. Black folks better stop calling the police when your loved ones are one drugs and out of their minds…; that loved one just might be killed, fools!

  3. What would you do? on said:

    @ stoptrying…… Like I said before some people react but don’t think. You read and responded to what you wanted just like some people who cry about the cops kiling our black people. They spend time trying to justify that but not looking at the big picture that caused the situation in the first place. Cause and effect theory. We learned that in school. If the young man took pride and responsibility for his own life he would have not been in that situation. There is no excuse for the cop’s action nor the young man’s.

    • Stoptryingtoactlikeyougiveafuck on said:

      This is the first time you mention anything about the cops behavior…just maybe there is hope for you after all.

      • What would you do? on said:

        That’s because I was raised to be accountable for my own actions before I can blame others……something that you do take in account. Because If my own son done some stupid crap and got killed because of it….. hell yes I will be upset. BUT if he did something that I taught him not to do…. he reaped what he sowed. Consequences and repercussions! Since I am a Black American male I am accountable for what I do and what I do is a refection on my people. So if I can help change a life for the better I will. I have seen a lot and been through a lot growing up and I come to realize that we play a hand in some of the crap that happens in the streets but dare someone to correct us on it but when someone outside of who we care about threaten us we are ready to retaliate. So somewhere in our culture there is a breakdown. We would prefer to wear fake AZZ hair and show our D@MN underwear in public before we can show some dignity and respect for our own culture and heritage. THUMP!!!I Dropped the MIC!

  4. Law enforcement of Texas Please stop killing “unarmed Black folk”; you were hired to serve and “Protect” and not hunt down and Kill!!!

  5. If a naked young man charged me, I’d have assume that there is something wrong with him. However I’m not going to take the time right then and there to try to diagnose the problem. I’d put him down.

  6. MENTAL HEALTH, OR DRUGS, anytime someone is naked running around..but they got sleep at night and the spirit of evil will manifest in there mind if not in there hearts..ijs

    • Umph we put dogs down, this was a 17 year old child not unlike that 14 year old in Texas Who Killed 4 People AND WILL NEVER Do Any time. So he obviously had a problem but it didn’t deserve a death sentence

  7. The only question being asked is, “why was he naked?” Anything to justify the officer’s action. Why does every thing we do require deadly force. This time, there’s no imaginary black phone you thought was a gun to blame it on.

    And another thing, black people didn’t stand on the carpet and swear to protect and serve and uphold the law. So why are we being held to police standards?

    • As a citizen and supposedly one who adheres to social order YOU are sworn to obey laws, maintain yourself in public, and respect others rights and safety, just because you didn’t stand and take an oath does NOT allow you to do otherwise

      • Where was his “weapon” tucked under his balls and he pulled it out as he charged the officer, taster would have been sufficient. REACH FORTHE TASER, OR REACH FOR THE GUN Oh wait maybe the officer didn’t realize he was naked I don’t get it. Naked running the street Screams entail illness or some sort of mental incapacitation. No clothes where’s the Weapon was it in his hand ijdk

      • I’ll entertain that if you prove to me where in the law it says indecent exposure constitutes the death penalty.
        Using your logic, killing a man for jaywalking is justifiable because he broke the law.

      • Stoptryingtoactlikeyougiveafuck on said:

        too bad it wasn’t you who was naked and ran into this cop. Please go to Texas and jaywalk, spit on the sidewalk, or make an illegal lane change, I would love to read about your death by cop.

    • Try educating yourself on the law indecent exposer doesn’t have a dam thing to do with it, it’s your actions while in whatever state of mind your in that will cost you your life
      Nor does being unarmed, unarmed people can kill you just like someone with a gun or knife
      think about it when some UNARMED crazed white guy decides to use you as a chew toy,
      in my youth I encountered many cops I’m still here because I didn’t show my ass or acted one

  8. I’m in agreement with a lot of the comments… 1st: Black on black crime, where is the out cry? 2nd:Stop if a police officer tells you too, and just assume the position, cause you both want to make it back home at the end of the night. We can discuss who was in the wrong the next morning, when we have a clear and level head. 3rd: Who’s’ becoming extinct, who’s dying not only by the hand of the police, but by our own hands???? Let’s wake up my people…THE HAVE AND HAVE NOTS!!!!

  9. Malcolm on said:

    I am a black male. I have 3 sons. Why was he naked and in public? Where was his family? Yea Black lives matter, but take some responsibility for the choices you make. No excuses. Taser or gun, you don’t charge a police officer. Lets get real, when people on drugs and the officer doesn’t know, they think they superman and feel no pain. Really I would shoot tool No excuse. So to those that want to make an excuse Boo who

    • Malcolm I can’t wait to see the day you are back here rallying support for one of your three sons when the roles are reversed! How many of our Black son do we need to sacrifice before we take what you call “responsibility”!!!!!!

      • Every stat that people like you choose to ignore shows that Malcolm has far more to fear from the hood homies and urban thugs than cops, police make contact with thousands of blacks and minority’s daily in this country most always ending peacefully sometimes it’s even a lifesaving encounter for that person, as far as “responsibility and accountability” Gale King on the CBS morning show said it best “what about the public’s accountability?” we need to work on our behavior just as much

      • Liked your comment. Another dead teen because a cop was so afraid of the naked black teen that he took the kill shot instead of showing a little compassion. Maybe the teen had some mental illness. We will never know. I pray for his family because the cop will never be charged.

    • Malcolm, until we the people (black & white) demand accountability, this will continue to happen. The police gave their account of what happened and so far there is no independent evidence to support their story. Maybe it’s justified maybe not, but we’ve seen this narrative play out too many times. “Cop fears for his life and shoots crazy, big, black guy”, then a video surfaces showing what really happened. I pray that none of your sons make a mistake and someone decides they are a “tool” and shoots them.

  10. “This madness isn’t going to stop until we stop killing ourselves first.”

    Please make this statement make sense. Are you saying the police won’t stop killing unarmed black men or people until we stop killing ourselves first?

    • What would you do? on said:

      Its about respect. If we don’t give a crap about ourselves who do you think will. A lot of the problem we as black people face is obvious but some aren’t if you chose not to seek. What you see in the media will be tainted to influence certain people. So people who are reactive will respond without thinking compounding the issue. But if you choose to seek for answers and be honest in your finding and how it relates to yourself and other it will force you to think logically and you will see things in a different view. Dr
      Martin Luther King Jr was a logical thinker with a faith in God to direct path. We have lost that way of thinking . In the USA we are a race of people that stand out more than others. So when we cry out black live matter, police killing unarmed man, etc. Etc we quickly react to that……… But if you honestly dig deep what is the true issue.Usually but not all the time it’s something the person has done outside of his or her (should have been taught) morals and values that got them killed. The only one you can control is yourself ……. So if you do sh@t that you know might get you killed ….stop. Because whether its a cop or a thug on the street he or she will react and possible kill you. We as black people some of us still live with the mental stability that we are still slaves trying to be free…… We are very past that and this is a new era and we need to start using our minds not our mouths. Most of the things we use today was created from the mind of a black person many years ago. Our mouth’s and “pitty me” mentality keeps us in bondage but knowwlegde will expand our boundaries.

      • Stoptryingtoactlikeyougiveafuck on said:

        So what I got from your commentary, was that black folks don’t care about their lives so why should others, especially cops. Let just say this guy was on drugs, we don’t know because we only have one version, the cops. We’ve seen in recent history, cops will lie, especially to save their jobs (man kills cop in dark hallway, steps over him to argue with fellow officer instead of helping victim he mistakenly kills, SC cop shot Scott in the back and planted a taser, cop pulled man over because he didn’t have a front license plate, shot him because he said was “draggin” him, see a pattern?) If this young man was on drugs, and I’m sure cops have faced this situation before but the person ended up in handcuffs, not dead, why was a kill shot necessary on an unarmed person? How many other officers were on the scene? Did any others use deadly force?
        Yes black on black crimes should not ignored, one of the many ills in the black community. But how does that give cops the right to shoot and kill at will? If I saw a naked person coming towards me, my first instinct would not be to put him down. My first thoughts would be, it’s something seriously wrong with him, but I don’t think he needs to die. Get him some help possibly, but not shoot to kill. The color of a person’s skin has nothing to do with it. It just so happens race is always going to be the issue NOW because the media has bought it into the spotlight. And for some of you on here, you would be just fine if every black person who ever spoke up against injustice would just die, I really hope it’s you or one of your bi-racial kids that run into one of these out-of-control, I feared for my life cops.

  11. What would you do? on said:

    Think past the symptoms and look at the root cause……the answers lay within our ownselves. I am a black male and I and getting sick of everyone crying out when a black person gets killed by the police. When we do ignorant things that put it us in those situation sh@t will happen. Just like a black male selling drugs in the hood and gets killed trying to make a deal. Where is the out cry for that. This madness isn’t going to stop until we stop killing ourselves first. Respect is earned not given. Black people we need to stop selling ourselves short and stop ignoring our own issues that put us in those type of situations. When will we learn? No he didn’t deserve to die by no means but he set himself up by his own actions that day. Life is driven by the decisions we make and those choices have consequences good or bad.

  12. It doesn’t really matter what they find on his system. He still did not deserve to die. A tasee should have been used even non lethal weapon could have been used. If a police officer is that scared. They shouldn’t be in this profession.tere

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