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Outspoken R&B singer K. Michelle is adamant that if Adele were Black, she wouldn’t be as successful as she is, nor would Sam Smith. Both artists have crafted a signature soul sound that K. believes makes them more appealing and marketable because they aren’t black.

During a recent Q&A session with fans, the part-time reality star didn’t hold back when asked about the state of rhythm and blues.

“They allow White people to sing our music … blue eyed soul is some bullsh*t. Yeah, I said it,” she fired off in response.

She used Adele’s “Hello” as an example to support her claim that if a Black artist put out something similar, it would flop. “‘Hello’, that’s some bullsh*t, sorry. It’s a great song, great artist, but if a Black girl was to sing that very song, it would not get played on the radio.”

K. Michelle hosted a screening for fans in Atlanta last week for the second season premiere of her reality television series “My Life,” which premiered Jan. 25 night on VH1. This new season focuses on K.’s complicated dating life “while she travels from London, Los Angeles and Atlanta to record her third album,” the “follow-up to her Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart which topped Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop albums charts. Rebellious Soul” debuted at No. 2 and No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 albums,” per Combined, the albums have sold 500,000 copies worldwide.

During the Q&A, K. suggested that the Black community is partly responsible for its artists not finding commercial success equal to white artists who sing R&B music.

“We sit around and call our very own artists flops, but we’ll run and go buy some blue-eyed soul …They don’t have to destroy us because we destroy each other,” she said.

Black Twitter was quick to cosign Michelle’s point, check out some of the responses below:


Do you agree with K? If Jazmine Sullivan put out “Hello,” would it be as big a hit as Adele’s version, or is the British songstress only popular because she’s white? Shout out to TheShadeRoom for supplying video of K’s commentary.


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20 thoughts on “K. Michelle: Adele’s Blue-Eyed Soul Is Some BS [WATCH]

  1. The Ojays song says it best; “I love Music”. Any kind of music. If music is good and you can understand you will enjoy it. That is the beautiful thing about music. The Rolling stones idolized Black artists. They knew what was good. Teena Marie’s audience was almost always Black until she passed. Stop focusing on the color, and worry about if it’s any good or not. There’s a lot of garbage being made on both sides these days. If it’s good everybody will enjoy it.

  2. Robert Gillum on said:

    Whites also support their artist in ways blacks do not support. If there isn’t a hit on the radio we stop supporting. We bootleg, burn, and by our music from the streets, and Indian/Chinese stores. Whites pay to download or go to the store which can count units sold, because they support their artist and they know that means dollars. K is an artist, but being black no one can speak without the slaves like Kimberly below attacking. Whites have always crossed over into our World in ways that it’s been a struggle to cross into theirs. What damn World are living in, and if you are go follow Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. No one took anything from Adele and I love her music, but I do know that no black outside of Michael Jackson has done that, and many whites have broken records due to their color. Research my black people and stop being slaved minded.

    • I agree… and I understand that blacks do VERY WELL when they tour @Sean, and I get that… infact they do better touring when they leave the states. It’s really how they make their money. Other countries will pay and arm and a leg to see someone like Janet Jackson, Charlie Wilson, etc. but pay for pay, we won’t do it here in the states. We don’t support our artist the way other countries do, heck… we don’t want to support our own communities…

  3. Robert Gillum on said:

    I totally agree with K. I see many blacks on here commenting because they don’t have an original thought. Blacks in music have always been kept to a standard, and whites since the 50s and beyond have recorded songs that have been previously recorded by blacks and sold more. Celine did the exact same thing with Patti Labelle if your ask me too. So idiots do your research, because if Hello had been recorded by someone black it would have not sold in the same manner. Why can’t we as blacks own the truth and stop being slaved minded and attack other blacks when they speak the truth!!!!!!

  4. IanRousseault on said:

    K Michelle? Who is this no talent having trick? Adele is talented beyond belief and blows k michelle completely out of the conversation.

  5. kimberly harris on said:

    I disagree completely. For decades we have had both WHITE & BLACK singers to cross over with great songs into each others world!

  6. @Kimboo

    “They allow White people to sing our music … blue eyed soul is some bullsh*t. Yeah, I said it,” she fired off in response.

    She was NOT just speaking about British singers….so I guess British folks the only white folks with blue eyes? LOL.

    Once again music is universal! Once again put out music that is of substance and you wouldn’t have to worry about “blue eyed soul” artists gaining traction. Btw you don’t think her so-called rant has to do with her reality bs show coming back on do you? We now have this B artist who just recently removed butt implants being the voice of reason for R&B music? Child plzzzzzzz….LOL

    • Kimboo on said:

      @Sean, I know we have blue eye’d artist, as well as our music and style dates back wayyyy before media thought Elvis Presley developed that pelvic thrust all on his own. I do believe we’ve just accepted other Americans and their soulful voices, and now that other countries are catching on because of it, African American artist know that they would never be able to sell their music or brand in that country. I no longer watch reality TV, and was done after Keisha Cole found her mother; and then really done after Love and hip-hop put a lil’ known artist to me known as K Michelle, and she went off on her friend Rasheda, and the whole world… I can honestly say, Wow…they have her a reality show, and she’s on season II?” yikes… I have been under a rock.

      • Guess you never been out the states? LOL
        R Kelly blowing up the charts in Germany. Charlie Wilson was just in France last fall. Tyrese is tearing up the charts over in Europe and don’t even get me started with Beyonce. Every German, Italian girl/woman loves Queen Bee. Once again music is universal..what don’t you get about that statement??

        Black artists do quite well over here in Europe. Unlike some folks back home we actually buy the cd and not bootleg them…ijs

  7. I agree. Adele’s music is BS and for the powers that be to put this FOLK f’ing music in the SOUL category is straight up BS. Go K!

  8. Blackmoses73 on said:

    I think one of the main reasons this is happening is because a lot of our soul artists do not stay true to the music..They might start off true but then for whatever reason they go left and ride the wave of what’s trendy….hell if you ask me these soul/rnb artists don’t know if they want to be rappers or rnb…That confuses the real oldschool fans..I don’t know about anyone else but when i want rnb, i want rnb not some rapper distorting my brain cells.

  9. Timothy Green on said:

    SMH, some black folks wanna have their cake & eat it to, hating on Adele & Sam Smith does what for her “career”?? … Didnt know you had to be black to have “soul” or sing soul music.. Guess “n!gg@” better stay in their genre too, Usher, Floryda & them betta gon somewhere with that pop shit .. #sarcasm

  10. Kimboo on said:

    Yeah other artist know it’s true, but everyone is afraid of the backlash… Do you really think the late Amy Whinehouse would have been as successful if she was an American black? And the answer is… NO, and I love how the British have copied soulful song, and get all the credit, when we all know it started right here in the States. But they do such an incredible job with the sound, so once again it is OUR fault. Others have copied us, and will continue from the way we dress, look, hair, butts, sound… need I go on? She’s going to get the backlash, but her statement is sooo true.

    • Amy Winehouse?? Really? So I guess we dismiss Michael McDonald, Hall & Oats, Justin, Robin Thicke, Teena and countless others who give credit to Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Aretha for their influence on their music. Maybe some of these so-call R&B artists learn how to sing we would support them as well.

      Just because you make a statement doesn’t necessarily means it’s true! Last time I checked music is universal.

      Hey K Michelle take that red/purple shhhhh out your hair maybe folks will take you seriously.

      • redbone1954 on said:

        I agree with your comment completely. She took the butt implants out she said so people would take her seriously. Really? Why did she put them in? Why is she throwing shade at other artist. Focus on you own music if it is important to you. She’s a great singer but I think that eventually she will cut off her nose to spite her face

      • Kimboo on said:

        Remember…she’s only talking about British singers, we ALL know and accept our Caucasian artist here in the states…duh, of course Jon B, Lisa Stansfield, Bobby Caldwell, Joss Stone, Christina Aguilera (remember these artists as well as the ones you named … WE ARE TALKIN’ BRITS, cause we have already given love to the singers that are American. She’s just stating something that other artists know is true, because…I don’t think Seal had that type of love, even from the Brits after he married and divorced Heidi Klum. She’ll get lots of backlash, and K is trying to do the same thing we all are doing, hustling and keeping ourselves relevant; no matter what the job.

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