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In the midst of all the excitement about the billion dollar Powerball, which has at least one winner in California at press time, at least one previous winner is finding that old adage of ‘More money, more problems’ to be true. Not only was Powerball winner Marie Holmes issued a criminal summons for making threats, a woman who says that Holmes’ boyfriend LaMarr “Hot Sauce” McDow, is cheating on her has surfaced on the web.

Holmes was issued a summons this week related to phone threats allegedly made to Lorna Marlowe on January 10th, according to North Carolina’s WWAY News. It is unclear if it is Marlowe in the video.

WWAY says calls made to Holmes for comment were not returned.

In the video, a woman claiming to be one of McDow’s several lovers claims that Holmes is one of many women McDow is dealing with and that Holmes offered money to one of them to stop seeing him.

As the video is NSFW and is extremely profane and full of sexual references, you will have to find it another site.

However, if we don’t know anything else, we know Holmes is attracting some hateration in her small town. Maybe it’s time for a change of venue?

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38 thoughts on “Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Hit With Criminal Summons For Making Threats

  1. Did boyfriend purchase the ticket, but unable to collect due to his criminal background, so they agreed to have the money in her name? Something tells me it’s his money. At least her supposed stupidity would make sense.

  2. stop if on said:

    Stop it your smart, beautiful and rich, what are you doing. Let him go!!! he sound more destructive then supportive. Beside you have children, you and they don’t deserve this. Live in peace and be happy. I only wish, I had your good fortune. What would grandma say, yes I remember your story

  3. This is plain and simple SELF DESTRUTION, she’s headed for SELF DESTRUTION, please for God sake if there’s anyone who’s in her corner that can help her make good decisions?

  4. kitcho on said:

    She might have left the ghetto drama queen mentality, but the ghetto in her mental physic did not live her and she will still be a ghetto has been a welfare queen

  5. Beverly on said:

    Doesn’t this young woman know that if the guy is seeing several women, she is just being USED. He doesn’t care about her. Dump him, get some counseling for low self-esteem.

  6. Beeg1984 on said:

    Dude ain’t even cute.. Really… She can buy her a fine a$$ goodlooking man for the money she spending on him. The peter can’t be that good, money can’t buy smart and this sista is dump as dirt..

  7. David Davis on said:

    Marie, please pack up and leave your old life behind. That lottery winning was supposed to be a new lease on life for you but you’re holding on to the same old baggage. Relocate, and don’t tell anyone where you’re going.

  8. That “Hot Sauce” will be her downfall. Must be love I guess. Why does ALL of her business make the news anyway? She will have no peace until she leaves that small town.

  9. specialt757 on said:

    There was a rumor years and years ago when Vanessa William divorced her first husband because he cheated on her. I wondered then “who in the world would cheat on the most beautiful woman in America?” Now I’m asking, if somebody was lucky enough to have one of the richest woman in American, why would he want to cheat on her? Guess it goes to show, it’s just not one thing that makes a person “that special one”, it’s many. Maybe these to lucky ladies have one thing that men want but not everything a man wants. What’s a woman to do…
    Yes TK, somebody is out to ruin this young woman, and it might just be her. She may need to start making better choices. I wish her well and hate to see the “lottery curse” affect her. One thing is for sure, a lot of money at one time for ANYone who doesn’t know the value of it, usually yields a bad outcome.

  10. redbone1954 on said:

    Well this looks like it could eventually end badly. I hope and pray that she find a way to make her life a little better. Who in God’s name is she listening to for advice? Very sad

  11. African American Woman on said:

    PLEASE! Even if she never won the lottery, she would still be involved with the same bum and doing the same stuff. Money didn’t change her, obviously, it just financed new and more expensive levels of stupidity. No one can take advantage of a grown person ( unless they are incapacitated) unless the fool allows themselves to be taken advantage of.

  12. Khmboo on said:

    Wow….did she NOT know that people will set her up, just to chip away at her fortune? And it doesn’t have to be at their benefit, it’s just the fact that Miss Holmes took the bait??? Obviously she doesn’t have people around her to keep her grounded…. Money doesn’t mean that you can say or do anything you want, it allows you those WANTS that you’ve ALWAYS desired. And thus the spiral of losing that money…..begins!

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Your points are very valid. People may not like her, or her boyfriend, etc but that doesn’t change the fact that their are underhanded motives behind all of this mess.

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