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After making controversial statements about black quarterbacks, former NFL player Dexter Manley apologized when a joke he made offended others.

Here’s his apology:


Original story posted January 4th

If you know anything about former NFL player Dexter Manley, you’re not going to be surprised to learn why he’s in hot water today for running his mouth trying to be funny.

The two-time Super Bowl champion is catching flack for making a racist joke when discussing black quarterbacks on TV Saturday.

Manley was appearing on CBS affiliate WUSA9 in DC to talk about his old team, the Washington Redskins. He compared the team’s quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III, and it was when he was discussing RG3 that he made the racist crack.

“Robert as a quarterback … most of the black quarterbacks, they like running, because they’re probably used to running from the law. So I think more importantly this guy, this guy goes through his progression — he just plays well,” Manley said.


We can only assume the former Washington defensive end was trying to get some chuckles, but that joke was just flat.

Black quarterbacks have been working for decades to overcome stereotypes that led to them being seen as not smart enough to even play the position.

As Larry Brown Sports points out, it’s a shame that you have Manley making these sorts of cracks when he was a teammate of Doug Williams, who was the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

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17 thoughts on “UPDATE: Dexter Manley Apologizes for Offensive Black Quarterbacks Joke [WATCH]

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I do agree, if any black comedian would have said it we would be laughing. However, it would have to be in a certain context and appropriate setting. If we’re at a comedy club/show and blacks running from the law was the subject yes, in that context it would be funny, comedian’s job – tell jokes. Former NFL washed up (and liberate to boot) player’s job – talk sports intelligently.
    Yes, I also thought Dexter was dead or at the very least feeble.

  2. Arthur Childress on said:

    This, coming from a barely literate crack-head buffoon who was banned from the NFL and he wants to talk about running from the law. I thought he was dead

  3. Khmboo on said:

    This is why you get a comedians opinion, and get him to write your joke…. #stayinyourownlane #weliveinapcworld #whitepeopledon’tlaughuntilyouseeblackpeoplelaughfirst try the joke out on a group, and then the world… #don’tgetfiredfromthatgoodjob

  4. Jacqueline on said:

    He is a sell out.has had some success in football and now he’s gonna knock his on race.probably has a white woman as well.its a lot of Black’s out there like him.jealous of Robert.

    • Racist???
      Come on now. stop with the double standards. Did you all grow up on the rich side of town. We made jokes like this all the time. But heaven forbid we say this in front of white folks.
      Everyone here must live a miserable life. learn to laugh. could we at least laugh at how uncomfortable that white man looked.

      • I agree this is NOT racist (This is a word people are using too much out of context. Also, blacks can NOT be racist, we can be prejudice, but not racist); however, I do NOT think he should have said that on tv in his position. Yes, among our folks, that is fine because we “get it” and we all are in the same boat; but to it in front of that white guy, NO. Sorry but some whites will use that against you.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    If this was supposed to be funny, it failed miserably. His statement was down-right offensive. Especially coming from an illerate fool. Down right shameful.

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