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Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Rev. Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth about her support of Donald Trump, most noticeably during his meeting with black Pastors.

“This is not the first meeting he’s had with pastors that’s why I’m a little surprised people are acting so dramatic. I think the people that have come out and said that ….they truly don’t know there Bible. He didn’t just send us to work with people who are saved, he wanted us to work with the sinners,” Rev. Manigault-Stallworth said.

Does she endorse Donald Trump?

“Because of our congregation…Pastors are not allowed to endorse candidates. We weren’t sent there to endorse, we were sent there to listen and minister.”

Why he decided to meet with members of the clergy?

“This meeting came out of the meeting with Paula White and Clarence McClendon, they wanted to  continue the dialogue in New York.”

Does she have any issues with Donald Trump?

“Because my church is on Skid Row, my issues centered in what my congregation needed. We need to know about jobs, we need to know about mental health issues. He said that he was going to be the best job creator. He said he’s probably the biggest candidate to address Veteran’s needs.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos, Video Source: Fox 5)

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25 thoughts on “Rev. Omarosa Manigualt-Stallworth Talks Loyalty To Trump, Says #BlackLivesMatter Is POTUS’ Issue?

  1. omarosa is an opportunist ,so is trump. He is much more, a Sleezy, scum, Cheetos looking dumb, Jackass. Anyone who supports him, stands with him as a terrible person of character. They have no Moral compass .
    Omarosa cares about money and prestige. Only.
    Calling herself a pastor is an insult to. True pastors.

    • Neither! The POTUS doesn’t create jobs and neither does Trump. Trump has the ability to hire people ONLY if the economy has sustainability for that which in turn The POTUS policies create the environment for the hiring.

  2. leadjustone on said:

    Omarosa can support whomever she wants to. It’s the American way. However, I do take issue with her calling herself a pastor. She was featured on a reality show rolling around in a hot tub with several men (a take off on the “bachelor” show). And after completing seminary, she was on another reality show using language that would be considered inappropriate for a pastor (“Bitch, you know who I am!”). If you are going to call yourself a pastor, you need to be a roll model. Sorry, but the standards are higher (or should be) for one who assumes that mantle.

  3. James R on said:

    Being a retired police officer, I have been to many meetings and classes I did not want to be in and the only minority. It does hurt for Pastors to hear what Donald Trump has to say, its to early to make a decision on anyone as President. Keep and open mind you do not have to vote as your Pastor vote, think for yourself, and vote the best candidate.

  4. Khmboo on said:

    We all know Omarosa is on Trumps payroll, so it is what it is. He made her infamous, and she continues that today. Let’s not forget her interaction with her late beau (Michael Clarke Duncan) family, and the mess surrounding the legalities of his estate. Although I must admit, she was different when he was in her life, she was human, bearable and kind. Now, she’s reverted back to that chick on the apprentice….trying to find that next gig? A pastor? Seriously???

  5. Christiansbereal on said:

    I have yet listened to the interview, so I can not comment on the contents, but I can comment on something that is written above. Supposedly, she made the comment that people do not know their Bibles. However, she is calling herself a Pastor? Has she read any Bible? Had she read a Bible she’d know that it is NOT ordained or approved by the Creator!!!

  6. Calvin on said:

    Omarosa is just a mouthpiece for Trump. She is not to be taken seriously. Jacque was more interested in staying in the good graces of her friend Omarosa than doing her job. J was even asking tough, relevant questions and Jacque kept trying to shut him down. Too bad that Roland Martin was not doing the interview.

  7. October 1 on said:

    There is a difference between pastor’s and God. A big difference, Yes, God does not make deals but sometimes pastor’s do.

  8. Beeg1966 on said:


    • specialt757 on said:

      “GOD DON’T MAKE DEALS…” You got that right! Absolutely. HE has never wavered, it’s always us trying unsuccessfully to make deals with HIM.

  9. Timekeeeper on said:

    This should come as no surprise to anyone. Yes, she is Trump’s mouthpiece ( and you can take that any way you like) Don’t forget she completely sabotaged Kwame Jackson when he was all set to win Apprentice back in 2004 so she’s been doing this a long time and therefore is quite comfortable selling people out.

    • Guest12 on said:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I despised her for what she did to Kwame Jackson. She is a total sell out! I bet her mouth piece is working out very well for the ol’ Donald. I bet she knows what his sh!t taste like. She’s always up in his @ss!

  10. Omarosa should sit her dumb black ass down some where was’t she the trick on Dr Phil show saying trump was a racist, how he screwed her out of wining the apprentice. every time she talk Dr Phil was shutting her down. BLACK LIVES IS EVERY BODY PROBLEM STUPID BICTH.
    i hope U or none of your relative run into the police

  11. Good for Omarosa and Trump to at least speak with minority groups, sure we can criticize if you want ok but what the f*&k has the “status quo” done in the past 7 years?
    And more important what will they change in the next 8

  12. Omarosa’s church is on skid row? Ok so she goes out to the streets and minister the gospel. Is she feeding and clothing the homeless? That is what Evangelism is about. She was just trying to justify why she was there since the meeting was for Pastors. She was there to be DT’s mouthpiece since he had not planned on doing much talking b/c if you listen to him he sounds scripted.

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