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Roland Martin talks to Bishop Victor Couzens of Inspirational Baptist Church, one of the members of the clergy invited to sit in the infamous meeting with Donald Trump.

“If we’re talking about engaging a man that wants to be the President of the free world, you’ve got to give me strategy. He talked about his sentiments about jobs and wanting to bring them back to America. But I didn’t leave out of the meeting with anything I could stand on,” Cousins said.

What happened when members of the clergy asked him about supporting blacks?

“There was no response from Trump, Omarosa was the one that stepped in and said that he didn’t have to apologize because he’s built playgrounds in Compton.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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12 thoughts on “‘I Didn’t Leave With Anything I Could Stand On’ Bishop Couzens On Meeting With Donald Trump

  1. David Davis on said:

    How can a man be a minister and a fool at the same time? You should ask yourselves this when you attend the churches of these pimp ministers that are trying to sell you out. Darrell Scott and his legion of clueless hypocrites are dancing with the devil.

  2. straightnochaser on said:

    Omarosa is one stupid bish! All she could say was he built playgrounds in Compton? How many JOBS did he create in the process?? GTFOH!

    • well Bill Clinton built them too (remember late night basketball courts) and for that matter how many jobs has Obama, Hilary, or Bernie created in that city

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Not sure about that particular city; however, I bet there a few GM and Chrysler employees that are thankful for Obama.

  3. Barbara Smith on said:

    Donald Trump is a snake in GODS Eden. He played those pastors or at least that one who arranged this meeting, I believe he’s Pastor Scott! Played them like the low, stupid black sell outs! I know trump is LOL! What they should have done was pray for his soul and for themselves. Roland Martin I know how you feel…I love you for the beautiful person you are!!!

  4. TONY FELTON on said:

    IF satan came to me and said, “Tony, let’s talk. I want to tell you my side of what happened in the Garden of Eden.” I would have said, “GO BACK TO HELL. I already know that you called my GOD A LIAR! What more do I need to hear from you?” You pastors who went to that meeting ALREADY KNEW who Trump was. Has he had a ROAD TO DAMASCUS experience? You got played with a deck of DT cards from one of his casinos.

  5. David Davis on said:

    Trump has already shown what kind of person he is. What did these ministerial pimps hope to accomplish? Common sense should have told them that Trump is too closely aligned with right wingers to be interested in the African American agenda. Darrell Scott has led this group down a rabbit hole.

  6. October 1 on said:

    Linda. What has he said about the AA community? I know he does not like the idea of Hispanics being here illegally. Well, either do I.

  7. Trump is a RACIST/BIGOT/MISOGYNIST there is nothing positive about him.

    In addition he has used racial slurs towards the African-American community, towards Hispanics and others.

    As President- you are supposed to represent everyone-not just the status quo.

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