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Ciara is becoming more and more of a big deal! She went from R&B star, to fashion icon, to a great mommy! Her career is on the rise and she is looking better than ever. There is no shame to her game though, as she keeps it no secret she works hard for her looks.

Recently, the singer and September 2015 SHAPE cover model gave the 411 on her food and fitness regimens to StyleCaster. Staying consistent with her healthy eating and fitness habits are key to her AMAZING body – pre and post baby. Her career and family are what mostly keep her motivated to stay on the right path, but she also admits that she has her off moments. Eating pistachio ice cream and smothering food in hot sauce are two of  her ultimate food vices, but she tries to stick to healthy snacks such as homemade granola.

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Most days after waking up Baby Future she likes to whip up a fresh batch of oatmeal with minimal sugar and strawberries, turkey bacon and peppermint tea with honey. She likes to stick to a high energy boosting breakfast as her days tend to be LONG. She finds time to workout with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, and in addition loves to box in order to break a sweat. She tries to revive herself with her favorite smoothie combination – strawberries, mango, and protein after a hardcore workout.

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